Suggestion for a new melee mechanism (fire weapons and threat reduction for warriors)

AngeliaYang  Initially, melee was king but in recent times range has obviously become the new good, quite OP in my opinion. Undoubtedly there has been a few good additions to the melee build (non-body shot weapons on the main target, weakening etc). However, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Hazard gear, yes what's the point in this gear now for melee? Why not incorporate the aforementioned into upcoming gear ie the lethal skirmish? Already there are plenty of weapons way better than Lucerne Hammer and the last word. These two mechanisms will make a huge difference in my opinion to existing playstyles so that at least players can take advantage of hazard suits for melee while appreciating it more. Why stun charge for scout when it can be burning? Or even as a new feature for the Lucerne Hammer. Again we need threat reduction not just for scout weapons, warriors need that too. This is to even out the balance against the overpowered range builds. Just look at Mercer geez, Yumiko, Shane, princess, Sasha... I'm stoked by their amazing performance..