Subject 1. Guild Wars Evolution. Fix general bugs.

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Greetings to the esteemed DECA developers. This is Big Don.

I made some great suggestions for you to improve the game modes, for the next few years. And my first topic is dedicated to GW mode. I'll leave my other suggestions for improving the other modes elsewhere.

But before I start on GW. I want to remind you that at the moment there are annoying bugs in the game that are repeated every time and distract from normal gameplay.

1) When Tyreese was created many months ago - that's when the bugs related to Tyreese's circles appeared. Walkers go into the place of another walker and this can lead to defeat. This is very annoying. First order of business, please fix this. Also, sometimes walkers go two cells inside Tyreese's circle when they start moving outside of that circle.

2) The second annoying bug has to do with the loss of relevance of some obstacles. Not so long ago, the mesh and fence protected against a walker attack, but now they don't. I do not think this was intended, because we have played a long time with the old mechanics and already used to it.

3) The third annoying bug is the incorrect display of a walker after being pushed by a morning star, bulldozer, and a weapon that can push. This bug has also been around for a very long time.

All players would appreciate it if you could fix these most common bugs soon.


Now let's talk about improving the Guild Wars mode. This mode has long needed evolution and development.

What we have now - does not meet the demands of many players, who have not experienced positive emotions from this game mode for a long time. There used to be a time when players could get maximum points because of their skill, not because they made Sasha, Mercer and Yumiko to do maximum points with on any account.

I'm really glad that melee heroes keep getting beefed up in recent months. But the islands and challenges in WG mode - need to be transformed to breathe new interest into the mode.

Right now, 18 swords can be played without a single mistake in 40 minutes, without a treatment for gold, and without wasting tools. On the one hand - it's convenient and many are already used to it.  On the other hand there is no old interest and excitement, most play one imbalanced team - Sasha, Mercer, Yumiko, and some other such teams, with whom it is almost impossible to lose if you do not make mistakes. And many people leave the game because it got boring. After all, GW mode used to be one of the most interesting and intriguing, but that time is long gone.

What I suggest:

Make hard island 21.

Difficulty level on it: +21, +22 and +23 (from the current level of the player's heroes).

All walkers on the maps are aggressive from the start. Waves on this island come more often and with more walkers than on other islands. The waves should be the same as in the seventies challenge rounds. Possible output of strong walkers in the waves.

There are no "kill all walkers" missions on island 21.

21 a can be played by any heroes.

21 b can only be played by any melee heroes.

21c - you can only play a limited number of heroes on the principle of Last Stand mode (and every week of war a limited list of heroes is available, as in Last Stand mode, the same for all guilds). Get Mercer out of here. Or never place it with Yumiko and Tyrese. This is an imbalance.

This is a great principle of Last Stand mode, and it requires a lot of ingenuity and cunning to pick up the right heroes and play the ones you've never played before, because nowadays only strong teams are played, which you can't lose if you don't make mistakes.

p/s You also need to make all guilds have the same missions and mission maps on any day of war. Because there are easier maps and missions, and there are more difficult ones, and different guilds get different things on the same day, this is wrong. The principles of fair play require making all guilds have the same missions and mission maps on any given day of war.


Now let's get to the sore point. The defenders are the weakest link in this game. They were never improved upon by the previous NG developers. In the TWD series, people with guns are far more dangerous than walkers, and you could say that the most dangerous beast there is the man with a gun defending himself and his team.

Now there is no balance between the attacking player and the defending team of heroes, which is controlled by an automated system. It works very poorly on maps where there is a lot of distance. Defenders just get killed with 1 shot from afar with star rifles.

Defenders behave very stupidly on the map, run in different directions and often do not attack at all.

Remove walkers from maps with defenders, and remove walkers from the outpost, they are completely pointless and allow the player to charge heroes and kill with 1 shot.

Defenders often die with 1 shot, they have no damage reduction and those bonuses that give the attacking player badges.

 A normal Player can't lose with his trained team. In formed guilds on defenders they either don't make mistakes at all, or they make mistakes so rarely that it calls into question the very notion - Defenders of Heroes. A player can only lose by attacking with an unprepared team and without tank badges, making mistakes.

Defenders cannot receive charges, use a tool or support.

The star rifle of defenders does not work further than 8 grid cells. And the player can shoot from any distance from afar without any resistance from defenders. The point of defense in this case is completely lost.

With the current mechanics - defenders behave slightly better only at a small distance from the attacking player. At the outpost, defenders behave better than on WG maps. But still the automatic control system needs smarter algorithms.

What can be done to correct the balance?


Disable attack badges to be in the same conditions as defenders.

Or give all defenders a hefty boost in damage and health, but players with weaker accounts in this case will be left in an unequal position.

You could just mirror what the attack has and give it to defenders, so that defenders have the same badges when a player attacks them.

Prohibit support and tools against defenders, or allow the defender to use mirrored support and mirrored number of tools, all the same as the attacking player.

You can direct the attacking player to the outpost of the player defending the island space. Outpost defenders perform better on the outpost than on the open WG map.

These are just my suggestions. I hope you make the right decisions to improve the defenders in the coming year.


There is still an abandoned outpost mode. But the most important thing is to make defenders more useful for WG. Also in the future you can add good defender leader heroes who will have a good chance to fight back any player.


All this will bring interest, excitement and unpredictability back to WG mode, which is almost non-existent now.

p.s To all the conservatives who are used to playing the same team year after year, and are likely to be unhappy with my suggestions, I say in advance: Before you prematurely shout "oh NO!" Try getting out of laziness and comfort mode and experience it all. All players who need new emotions and experiences from the game should enjoy it.



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    Prudence is needed in the changes that players propose. Most of the opinions that are heard are from players who have been playing for many years, have progressed in the game and now they're just bored and want new adventures or they want to stand out from the rest and show that they are better.
    This forum and other applications e.g. discord is ruled by the few top players and all other voices are buried. This is the truth,as harsh as it sounds
    But there are many more players who struggle to progress and if the game becomes too difficult, they will simply lose interest and leave. I can't imagine the new owners of the game want to bankrupt themselves before they even start with the game, so it's important that any changes are well thought out and beneficial to everyone - experienced, casual and novice players alike.
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    Mondlicht You probably don't quite get the idea. This level is exactly what strong players need, so that they do not leave the game, which bored, because in the last year have introduced a lot of imba. It doesn't change the easier levels and islands available now. Any Guilds will also be able to compete with their peers and collect all the prizes. Whoever can't handle the 21 islands will handle what they can handle. What do only registered players with a level 1 account do? Do they go straight to the maximum islands? No, gradually as they develop and strengthen.

     So, the limit, which is now - very primitive and need to give more opportunities and motivation for players to develop and grow further, and not to play Sasha Mercer and Yumiko another ten years! Even if you play many other teams, it's still easy and boring.

    When there is no higher and more interesting level, which can aspire to, there is no desire to develop and should look at projects in which interest is constantly fueled by new challenges and level of difficulty.

    Now for the easy and medium game there are levels of difficulty, which can be passed by any player as his account develops and accumulates game experience. It will remain so, I do not propose to touch and change it. I propose to give it another level of difficulty and when the player is ready, he will have something to strive for, to conquer new heights. Because right now many players are stuck at the ceiling and walking around in a circle of monotony, and they need new emotions and more complex tasks. 

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    @DonTwd My comment was more general, and I still believe that any potential changes should be well thought out and not based on one category of players.

    Now if I have to talk specifically about your suggestions, what you propose e.g. for the defenders would affect everyone (wouldn't it?!) and it would be disastrous. I strongly disagree and I'm sure many will disagree as well.

    You can't know this of course, but I'm not a weak player, I'm a strong one and I can hit almost anything. However it's my choice to want, the game I love, to be fun and not overly competitive neither a nuclear physics school problem!! Real life alone is enough, I don't need a game to remind me of real life. No thanks!

    Anyway it's up to the company to decide about future changes, it's not up to us. 

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    Then you have to remove them altogether! Or There should be such a chance that any player could lose to them with a 50% chance. They are defenders of other players, who spend on it rerolls and collect equipment. But what's the point? Have you ever met in any sport that one team of players who have all the advantages - that they play vs stuffed animals in a vegetable garden in soccer or basketball? There is no level hard in this game, especially in GW now.

     That level is supposed to be for strong players. For weak players it's easy, for medium players it's medium, and now medium this is the possible maximum in the game now, and against defenders it's super easy. Aren't you tired of kicking the ball all the time? Let's get rid of those useless defenders then. Because the players - who put them in - are unfairly treated. It's disrespectful to those who are trying to put these teams together, who at most can be stuffed animals in a vegetable garden. It's an infringement on the rights of the players!

    Defenders should have the same opportunities as the offensive player and should also have an equal chance to win If a player has intelligently assembled his defenders! That would be fair. It will also work with your defenders who can fight back against the attacker. The WG mode will bring back excitement and unpredictability and move away from maximum results. Right now it's all dull because who put together a guild of players that don't make mistakes, then a program of wins and max results will work. There is no excitement and unpredictability in this. There is nothing that can affect that result.

    If this principle is implemented, even a weak guild will have a chance to defeat the stronger ones.

    p/s Definitely
    On high islands defenders should be a threat and a danger to those who go there.

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    To make myself clear
    - YES I like the defenders as they are now. One shot and down.
    - YES I like guild war draws
    - YES I like to return home and play and just have a good time
    - NO I don't like the whining of 100+ top maxed players who are all demanding and want to change the game the way they want it
    - NO I don't believe these 100+ players are the ones who keep the game alive. I'm not even sure they leave money in the game. They're all maxed out and basically don't need anything. Maybe they occasionally buy some bundles.
    - YES I think changes are needed in the game, but not necessarily the ones the 100+ suggest. The company needs also to find ways to entice new players, to create a new market and make a fresh start in the game
    - AND NO! I'm not discounting what the end gamers have contributed (and continue to contribute!!!) to the game, but it's not possible an entire game to evolve just on their benefit
    - AND NO I have nothing personal against you @DonTwd , just expressing my point of view
    - AND YES  I'm probably ALL wrong but maybe you're wrong too 
    We agree to disagree
    We both want the same thing: the game to continue to exist.
    Peace out ✌
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    I only ask for a functioning game where everything "works as intended"

    A pipe dream? Absolutely.