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Greetings to the esteemed DECA developers. This is BIG DON.

I offer you tips for the evolution and modernization of Challenge mode, in the future.

When they first added star heroes to this mode, all the old missions and Challenges became perceived in a new way and it was interesting. But a lot of time has passed, everything began to repeat and bore.

Now in this mode, the last rounds are relevant only a few teams. For kills, it's Mercer, Yumiko, Tyreese most often. For passing without kills it's Ezekiel, Glen Scout, Rosita most often. With these companions it doesn't matter who the star character is. You have to play about the same every week and over a long period of time this monotony starts to get tiresome.

It's also quite tiring to get through the missions before round 60. Whoever does 5358 should get special skip-tickets to skip 60 rounds at once, collecting prizes along the way, and start at round 60. Because anything before round 60 is too easy for players like me, it's not interesting and there's no motivation for it.

What I suggest:


Whoever makes 5358 gets special passes and starts next week right from Round 60 . If you want to activate it.

Evolution of star accrual.

You can now accrue 4 stars per mission if you win with a star hero. That's fine, let it stay that way.

But you can make the accrual of 5 stars for the mission, when the player passes only with limited number of available heroes on the principle of Last Battle mode.

The star hero in the company of the selected heroes of the week can be not only a leader, but also their companion.

Or okay, let under the star hero leader you can go to 5 stars only a limited number of heroes in the current week. This option is more complicated.

Every week a limited list of heroes for passing to 5 stars - changes (on the principle of Last Stand mode).

The player can play any heroes for 3 stars. The player can play to 4-star - any heroes under the leadership of a star hero. And if the player wants and can, then he will have a chance to play under the star leader for 5 stars, when only selected heroes of the week can be companions (on the principle of the Last Stand)

All this will cause a new wave of interest in this mode, the game will be transformed and become interesting to pass all the old missions as new!

Of course, the one who collects more than 5358 stars should be rewarded with appropriate prizes for each number of points gained: Rolls, Tools, Gold, More radios. A player should be rewarded for such zeal to play as best as possible!

This won't keep us bored for at least a year or two! Challenge mode and Last Stand mode are the only things keeping me in this wonderful game right now. The other modes, on the other hand, can only be tolerated and wait for them to improve and evolve.

This game has a lot of tactical potential,the main thing is to have more effective teams of heroes and different tactical strategies for their use. The more this will be, the more interesting, diverse and better it will be.

 It will also be necessary to make some of the available heroes more useful for these purposes. But about that, I might make a suggestion elsewhere in the forum.

Thank you for your attention.




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    it's time to make things difficult, today any average player can do 5358, what's the fun in that? all the changes that provide something that makes it difficult I agree. And whoever thinks it's bad, accept that they don't have the capacity to be a high-scoring player... After all, life is like that too. Cry more, who can less.