Greensaresuper looking for active fun teammates

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We are now recruiting from endgamers  too yes, your level.come experience the power of 
Greens 🍀 Family 🍀Guilds we are active come and you up your game great -wix-webpage 
with great game info from our own -JJB - communicate is a must  -2 guilds rank Master tier in war. 
you can visit us during war break or find your new.guild home with us

visitors if you’re interested in Visiting one👇contact me pls 

are top tier  Greensaresuper 1800✫-Green Jackets 1200★ -Greens Attack 700✯-green squad 100✰
communication is key in any guild 


  • relb67
    relb67 Member Posts: 65 ✭✭✭
    one seat still open 1200 min. In green jackets  - two Seats still open in green squad. 
  • relb67
    relb67 Member Posts: 65 ✭✭✭
    Green Attacks 700 ✫0=seats  … Green Squad 100 ✰2= seats open … 

    Green Jackets 1200☆ 0=seats … GreensAreSuper 1800 ★ 0=seats 

    We are looking for a few fun active teammates to

    Come, learn with us,our own -JJB-awesome site he’s still updating it move up through the ranks, more rewards as you move up
    Line app for communication communication is a must