Walkers ignoring Tyreese debuff circles

Do these images represent a bug or am I wrong and this is normal?
With this situation, this feature cannot be trusted at all.



  • BenjaminT
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    You’re right about this showing walkers behaving in ways which don’t match the description of Tyreese’s LT. The common denominator in all your pics is overlapping circles. It seems the movement restriction is wavered when a walker is able to enter a second circle. This is confusing to me, I don’t understand what this means about the way the game engine interprets the rules around circles, it doesn’t seem to match up with anything else. Hopefully the developers are already working on this. Tyreese circles must be among the most costly bugs in the whole game currently 
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    I will not duplicate the discussions, I will write here. At the same time, I'll update the topic. Dear developers, fix Tyrese's circles. Literally half an hour ago I was playing and the walker ignored the circle zone. Situation: I make a circle with a Tyreeze, move away to 2 cells, skip a move. The zombie enters the circle, gets a debuff animation, and without any problems approaches Tyreese and attacks him. The result: a struggle, the map was passed by one star, 2.5 hours of treatment, a spoiled mood. Maybe it would be worth somehow compensating the players for the time and nerves spent? Reduce the treatment time, for example? Or is it done specifically so that the community donates for the treatment of heroes?
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    This one was reported to me through a thread including multiple bugs. We're trying to resolve it for the next update ^^
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    Glad to see this has already gotten attention. Happened to me for the first time today. Walker ignored debuff circle and tyreese went into struggle. Hoping this can be fixed in next update! 
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    Está acontecendo novamente, ainda não consertaram isso...