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Greetings Deca developers. This is BIG DON.

I will leave you here my idea for the development of the Distance mode.
This mode has long needed development, as well as others.

We have done many tens or hundreds or thousands of times the same monotonous and uninteresting actions to pass the distance mode. The "Nightmare" level is very long outdated and very simple. This monotonous action takes about 30-40 minutes of time, which I would like to spend on something more useful and interesting.

First, I propose that passes TICKETS be introduced to rewind all the nightmare missions and not waste time on it (If you want to play, you can not use the tickets). Because there's nothing complicated or interesting about it for a long time, it's all very boring.

I propose to introduce a bonus mode called "HELL". Which would be available every week after the completion of the Nightmare mode.

12 hard missions. The difficulty level starts at 48 lvl and ends at 60 lvl.

In this mode you also need to make a limited selection of available heroes as in Last Stand mode. Each week will be available different heroes.

Make Mercer a rarity (about once a month) and never offer Mercer with Yumiko or Tyreese or King.

Add commonwealth walkers there, make the waves more frequent and the output of strong walkers in those waves on the last missions.

I propose to make this mode a bonus mode, not mandatory. Who wants to try their hand at it. Tokens from the event will not be here. Only good prizes.

Make hardcore and good prizes.
All the best to you.



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    Excellent suggestion!! I like this. ‘Expert mode’ in Last Stand has a lot of crossover potential to other game modes. Definitely something to consider :)
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    Sir Don, I feel like I learned a lot about this game in a short while, but I haven't had the chance yet to dive into the nightmare/expert modes of distance/last standing yet. Put it on my list to discover these modes next week so I can help you with your suggestion a bit better.