The new online PVP mode.

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The new online PVP mode.

Greetings the developers of DECA. This is BIG DON.
For the future, I also offer you the idea of creating a new interesting mode.

Of course this should be considered when you deal with the current bugs and when you improve the already existing game modes.

A separate online battle mode between live players! This game has great potential and you can make online battles more interesting than in chess!

Most importantly, that there was a balance by account level or date of registration of the account. After all, the one who has been in the game longer, must be stronger.

The system chooses who moves first, two wins in a row determines the winner. With a draw, the game continues until two wins in a row. The limit of one move is 20 seconds for each player.

This would be the most beautiful thing, if it works correctly and there is balance.
Make a separate ranking for this and reward players with different ranks and avatars, or skins clothes and weapons.

All the best to you.



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    Writing it down as a suggestion, Sir Don.

    Edit: I did change your '2 in a row format' and having a draw until there are 2 in a row to 'Best of 3'.