Buff Perseverance and Swift Strike

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If you compare Perseverance and Weakening, Weakening may have lower chances to grant charge points but it also works during enemy turn unlike Perseverance. On top of that any melee survivor can benefit from weakened enemies and attacks against them are never body shots. Please change Perseverance so it also works during enemy turn to give it an advantage when it comes to charging up.

Michonne was buffed from 40% Threat Reduction and 40% Swift Strike at leader trait level 10 to 70% Threat Reduction and 70% Swift Strike at leader trait level 10. Please also buff the the weapon trait Swift Strike so that Gold Swift Strike has 70% chance to activate. It would turn a useless trait into something pretty good. Maybe even add a slight chance that it can activate when your attack fails to kill an enemy. For exemple, 70% chance that it activate when killing an enemy and 30% chance that it activates if you fail to kill any enemy. It would give you another trait to use for melee season pass weapons.

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