Rick Raiders looking for new members

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Rick Raiders is looking for players who understand that life comes first. We ask that you play the challenge each week as well as guild wars when they happen. We lost several members due to Covid & players not following the rules. Understand if time off needed due to life issues, but how hard is it to speak up & say so. This guild’s core has helped me through the loss of my husband as well as other life situations. We have players around the world. So if you think you’re a fit. Reach out. 


  • Yeroc
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    What GW level of players are you looking for. What is minimum requirements for Challenge round. I know two players looking for a new Guild. 
  • Deadkiller
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    Don’t put limitations on my guild. We make friends, play together as a team. Celebrate success & help learn from the other players. Too many people forget it’s a game. I have a busy life, many of my players have kids & busy jobs where they travel. So I ask that people do the weekly challenge. If the sign up for GW they show up. Pretty simple. We currently have a few low level players who are newbies. We have several who do between 1000 & 2000 each week. I personally do about 1500 or more a week, but I really don’t sleep. Lol. We support each other during hard times in real world. They stood by me when I lost my husband of 25 years to cancer & cheered me up during his last days as I had brought him home on hospice & cared for him myself. We have created a bond & would like open minded caring players to join us. The better players show the newer players strategy. I have a private FB group for the guild so videos of play can be posted. Tell them to contact me. I’d love to have them. They only thing that’s unacceptable is creating drama.