Last Stand Walker Counter

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In the Last Stand game mode there are certain rules which have been applied to avoid certain exploits. One of these rules is that the mission will end instantly if the number of walkers on the map exceeds 50. It’s a good rule for a number of reasons and I wouldn’t want it to be changed. But it’s tricky and causes frustration because it’s practically impossible to know how many walkers are ever on the map. Keeping your heroes grouped together (which is a good idea) means there’s lots of blind spots on the map.

It’s been discussed while NG had the reigns about adding a counter somewhere on the screen, telling the player the total number of walkers currently on the map. It’d be a really useful addition, does anyone know of an argument against it? I can’t think of one.

My Last Stand attempt today got cut off at round 40. I had control of the map, my heroes were in good spots and I had a good plan for progressing. I’m not complaining because what happened was within the rules as they’re stated. But I could’ve scored a bit higher if I’d had an eye on how close I was to the mission ending without a Walker getting the better of me.

Easy fix here is to put a little counter somewhere on screen keeping tally of how many walkers are currently on the map