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Possibility of a spot coming open....

Lismore has been around since 2016, starting as a guild of one has grown exponentially year over year--very stable, a couple peeps drop in and out but we value longevity, lots of long time great players and several newbies that are rockin’ it!...Several finish the map each week topping out over 5k. As a guild, we are nearing 9 million total stars with 8471825 to date.  We are a delicate balance of highly competitive, but casual at the same time.

We actually have minimum of 1000 cause real life comes first and with notice even if someone is zero due to work or no internet on vacation...it is allowed. We are competitive but not at cost of real life. Our guild high is over 62k and we did that with a player down.

Top 10 players are all over 250k, top 5 all over 400k stars —so lots of mentors to help you grow if that is desired!

GW not required but we bring a mighty competitive team with some great strategists…sometimes we excel, sometimes there are blunders as we all learn and push ourselves….but always earn those Master rewards as a team.

We track, honor and value personal bests, milestone achievements and even do a shout out on your birthday if you are willing to share month/day. All in fun, there is a sense of family. If you are looking for a group of dedicated individuals--with a lot of fun internal competition...

Don’t miss this opportunity to join some rockers, motorcyclists, and simply those dedicated to this game.   SEARCH for LISMORE Now and Join by request....we will be watching for you....feel free to Private message or email us too. You will be glad you did!!

LISMORE GUILD will "RISE UP" to the challenge.
Are you ready to join the fight?

SEARCH  "LISMORE" or PM me or email if you want to be first in line for the next opening
e-mail: [email protected]
or PM me by clicking the link below