Ensnare Bayonet Musket

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@Jeroen, please could someone have a look at this weapon? I bought it a few weeks ago and I think there’s something not quite right with Ensnare activating. Even on charge attacks (all critical hits) I’ve been averaging about 20%-30%.

Could you also clarify how this weapon is categorised? I was expecting melee percentages (60% base) to be applied to Ensnare activation but I’m currently getting below range percentages (40% base). Most of my scouts are rerolled with Lucky and I have a couple of Lucky armours. I’d expect Ensnare activation on non body shots to be approximately 60% for a ranged weapon or 90% for melee with Lucky multiplier added in. (And I’m hoping it’s being calculated as melee).

If it is being counted as a range weapon on charge attacks then are walker resistances to ranged attacks applied to this weapon too?


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    It should be 60% since the description says 40% for range and 60% for melee “classes”. 

    I don’t think walker resistances to ranged attacks apply to this weapon since the charge attack can shoot through metalheads. Still worth looking into though.

    Another question for you @Jeroen does DECA plan to fix the sound effects for weapons that have charge attacks different than their regular attacks? For exemple, the Bayonet Musket’s charge attack is a hunter charge attack but it sounds like the Musket’s normal attacks. Or the Obliterator, the charge attack should sound like an attack from the Decimator. 
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    I hadn’t noticed this about metalheads, curiouser and curiouser