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Kingshark Cancer Fundraiser

As you maybe or not be aware of one of the long time members of the Eh Family has fallen severely ill to cancer (go fund me link below) we have created an event that combines the game he loves with a chance to help his family during this uncertain time.

Week of 6/5
-Each star earned during the challenge in a sponsored Guild will count as money earned for Kingshark go fund me. 

- the payout is $0.0013 per star. It doesn't seem like much, but if a guild can earn over 80,000 stars in one week that is $100.

-Eh family has 8 guilds. Each ranging from ~80,000 and below. We want to take it up ourselves to earn star $. What we really need is volunteers to sponsor a team (donate how much money to be donated) 

-we are open to other guilds using this same formula to generate their own funds 

- also open to having visitors come just for that week to generate more stars. 

-this will be the last week before guild wars. We personally asked the family if they can keep the go fund me open. 

-we are working with trust and honesty that all sponsors will donate according. Any other donations are welcome. 

-and graphic work or sharing is welcome 

Contact me  for any information.


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    Update: so far we have 3/8 sponsors. We have  two max star visitors and another non EH family guild that is sponsoring themselves. (The Goat Rodeo) 

    What we really need is more sponsors feel free to share the above post

    Most sponsors will spend $100 or less. At the most around $140

    If we reach our goal of 8 sponsors we will generate over $1000 to help the family. That's even a low number because it will definitely be higher than that. 
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