6.0 Dead City Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 

"Dead City" Update Notes


* The actual implementation may look different than the image above.

6 episodes based on the upcoming spin-off series The Walking Dead: Dead City. Each episode will come out every Monday starting on the 19th of June.

Complete each episode within a week of release to obtain extra rewards.



The seasonal campaign for the Summer season is the No Man’s Land Villain Show Campaign. You will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop, and Daily quests.

The campaign will launch after the premiere of the Dead City series in June.

The highlight rewards are Burazi’s Stop Sign Spear (Bruiser Weapon) and Outlaw Negan (Scout Hero).

* Launch time of the campaign will be determined based on the airing schedule of the series. Any new updates will be provided in time.


 New Hero: Outlaw Negan (Scout)

The more attacks Negan makes, the stronger your team will be. He is best at charging, setting off a bloody storm in every battle, especially when he leads the way.

His Leader Trait:

 Knock Knock

When Negan makes an attack (including attacks made in enemies' turns), the attack will put a stack of 'dread' mark on up to 10 closest visible enemies. Up to (x) stacks of 'dread' mark can be exerted on one enemy. Each stack enables each survivor to deal +(y)% total damage to the marked enemies. Stacks last 1 turn.

When an enemy is attacked more than 3 times in one survivors' turn but still not killed, Negan has a {z}% chance to gain an extra charge point at the end of turn. 

As a leader, all teammates gain these bonuses.

Trait values:

Remaining traits: 

Perseverance, Lucky, Retaliate and Ruthless


• The LT effect lasts until the end of the enemy turn, which means it will also be active for attacks like Overwatch, Retaliate, Revenge etc.

• When Outlaw Negan is the Leader, all survivors' attacks will put a stack of 'dread' on enemies. (Whether they are melee/ranged)

weapons WEAPON

New Weapon: Burazi's Stop Sign Spear (Bruiser)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks a three-space arc ahead of the user. Deals 10% of total health as extra damage towards targets which cannot be stunned. Non-body shots stun the target(s) for an additional turn. Overwatch attacks force the enemy to end their turn early. Charge attack is a bonus attack in a three-space arc ahead of the user that stuns all targets and inflicts guaranteed Critical Hit. Deals 10% of total health as extra damage towards targets which cannot be stunned.

Traits: Silver Lucky, Gold Destructive, Gold Razor.


  • Guild Name Modification

The guild name modification feature is now available!

If you are a Leader/Co-leader in the guild, you can now spend 500 gold to modify the guild name. Open the "Guild" tab on the homepage, click on the settings icon in the guild interface, and you can edit the new name. 

 * Please note: 

There is a cooldown period for guild name modification. Each cooldown lasts for 7 days. This means that after completing one name modification, you will not be able to modify it again during the cooldown period.

  • Map improvement: Minefield

The display issue of the Minefield map has been improved. Now we have increased its brightness so that it will not be too dark.


• Fixed bug with Goo Walker’s explosion - the stun effect caused by Goo Walker’s explosion can be negated by reloading the game

• Fixed bug with Walkers grabbing through obstacles

• Fixed bug with Customer Support - players using iOS devices experience game freezing when using the photo-taking feature while sending a message to Customer Support

• Fixed bug with the heart icon above weapons deviating from its normal position when marking them as favorites

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various animations