Deca's stance on the too many players in guild exploit

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Since some time it has been possible to sign up more than 20 players for a guild wars week, allowing a guild to score more points than maximum. In theory, a guild could sign up 10 players for all six battle days. This was done by at least one guild last season, and the discussion after that showed some players even think this could be a valid strategy.

The rules as stated when GW was launched clearly said that 20 players per week is the maximum allowed, and this was enforced by the game, so it wasn't possible to sign up more than 20 (similarly to how only max 20 players can contribute points to a guild in a challenge week).

So the question to @Jeroen and Deca is?

- Is it allowed to have more than 20 players contribute points to a guild during a GW week?

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