RULES: READ before posting!

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Please remember that this section is primarily for Bugs, Glitches, and Exploits that have NOT been reported already.

We ask that players do not make redundant threads that can cause clutter, but use the assigned thread for known issues to voice their concerns or updates. They are linked below!
If you are experiencing an issue that directly affects your account submit a ticket via the in game support. All claims will be dealt with eventually, please be patient and give them some time to process the information.

When creating a new thread, title the thread with the issue so others can find it easily!

The moderators in the forum cannot provide any in game support and can only assist with a few limited issues.

Why was my thread moved or merged?
To keep the forums organized and to better solve the problems, all common reports on the same issue will be placed in the same thread.
Threads in the incorrect section will be moved so that they can be better addressed and monitored by forum staff.

What is the Archive section?
All resolved or inactive threads are moved here. They serve as a history of events and place to find solved responses.

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