Episode 11-6 walkers can't be attacked

walkingdud Member Posts: 20
edited March 2016 in Bug Reports
I just completed 11-6 but it was frustrating because the walkers that come in at the top of the screen are out of range for melee fighters. They appear to be completely in the open but the game doesn't allow a melee fighter to attack them. I took quite a few injuries because of this. Have any of the devs actually played the game? BTW, episode 11-5 it is not clear who the 'tough' walker is. I just kept killing until it said I was done. Also, first time I tried to close the doors it didn't work, resulting in more injuries. Also multiple lost connections during both of these episodes. Why the hell does the game need to communicate with the server during the entire battle? Stupid! This is the reason why I have never spent a dime on this game, nor will I until it is fixed. I should be able to get through a battle without having to wait for an internet connection. This game is for mobile devices, right? By definition they do not have a stable internet connection!