Got a Great Idea? Read this!

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If you have a great suggestion or idea for the game or forums please post them here!

Feel free to post comments and feedback on other people's threads!
Some great ideas are already being discussed by others!

Why was a thread closed!?
If a thread is closed, it means that NG staff has taken time to look at those suggestions and has added or changed parts of the game/forum to reflect those suggestions!

Want a thread opened to make more suggestions or give feedback?
Message any one of the forum moderators and link them to the thread and they will be more than happy to reopen it for you!

Other ways to help!
  • If you see a suggestion that has been added into the game by NG tag a moderator so that the thread can be closed.
  • If you notice duplicate threads or ones sharing the same topics, please report them so that they can be merged. It is easier to see how many people want/have the same suggestions when they are in one thread instead of scattered all over the section!
  • Try to keep it 1 suggestion per thread. Create different threads for different suggestions!

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