Ok. Going to be a dummy here...melee?

I looked for answers in a lot of areas on net and here but what are melee survivors/weapons/attacks? I can't seem to find good answers and feel stupid for having to ask. I am a newby to gaming but absolutely love TWD and downloaded game and now love it. But get frustrated with no game play explanations. I am a lVl 20 so far and on Episode 8 M 1, which I am struggling with also due to getting hit with 5 fat walkers at once from barn.

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  • zoson
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    Low damage.
    High HP.
    Regular attacks cause a single turn stun.
    Special weapon ability extends stun by one turn.
    Bruiser with retaliate can theoretically stun two targets per turn.
    Stun causes an automatic critical until zombies are +2 on your level. After that you may get a critical, or you may end up with a body shot.
    Charge attack hits a circle around the bruiser's location, potentially stunning up to 8 zombies.
    They use two handed weapons like bats, fire axes, and giant wrenches.

    High damage.
    Low HP.
    Special weapon ability grants up to 15% chance for a free AP.
    Luck increases chance of special weapon ability, to a total of 45%.
    (15 for swift gold, 15x2 for luck gold on weapon and on survivor traits.)
    Brain stab is automatic cricital hit. Very good for killing armored zombies.
    They use one handed weapons like knives, screwdrivers, and hatchets.

    High damage.
    High HP.
    Regular attack hits an arc around the warrior.
    Attack arc is increased by weapon trait up to 135 degrees making it hit every tile around the warrior except the one immediately behind him/her.
    Charge attack gives a bonus attack, allowing you to move/attack a second time(one AP worth).
    They use two handed swords. Very useful for finishing off clustered up zombies.
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    Thanks for the info @zoson. Are you trying to explain these characters are melee survivors?
  • froggy
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    @Headhunter I saw a wiki thread in general forum but it's hard to understand their formatting. Maybe someone should copy paste all the good info off these threads to a wiki...lots of good advice here
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    I just start the wiki this week end. I am still working on copying information and all. If you want, you can help on the wiki.
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