Question about Challenges

This may seem like a dumb question, or maybe it's a bug. I assume that the number of stars above a challenge is how many you will receive if you successfully complete that challenge? Correct? Well, I'm only getting 2 stars when I complete a challenge even when it says 8 or 9 starts. What am I doing wrong here?


  • Cellguy
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    Never mind; answered my own questions - max is 3, the starts on the screen show the difficulty level. Duh. Guess it was a dumb question.
  • BigOleTDs
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    those are the stars you have earned. You can get 3 stars on a challenge and they get increasingly more difficult (level of walkers) as you repeat the challenge. If you're seeing 8-9 stars that means you've earned 8-9 stars on that particular challenge over the course of you playing it.
  • jureforjustice
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    The star represents how many you've collected so far.

    You can get a maximum of 3 stars per challenge you do. However, there are certain requirements for you to get those stars.

    1 star = No injury
    1 star = No struggle
    1 star = Finish mission

    If you fail one or the other, then you will lose out on those stars. If you finish the mission without failing any of those requirements, then you get the stars.

    On your missions, you must be getting injuries. Taking ~25% health damage causes your survivor(s) to be injured.
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