I'm seeing lots of discussion about gaining stars on missions etc but I can seen nothing about stars on my game. Is it my device? I'm on an Android.

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    Stars are rewarded in the guild challenge. Some daily quests include bonus stars if they are completed within a guild challenge mission.
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    To add to what WastelandDan stated, The Guild Challenges Run for 5 Plus days Starting During the weekend. There are missions to complete to earn 1 to 3 stars for meeting certain conditions, plus the chance for a daily quest completed in a Guild Missions.

    To take part in the Guild Challenge, you must be in a Guild. To form a guild or send a guild a request to join, click on the social/ (Globe Icon) located to the left on your camp screen/map

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    Great answers above. @b7490 check out the Guild discussion sub-forum where there's lots of recruiting going on.
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