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Update 1.4 is finally here! Watch the trailer now:


The moment many of you have been waiting for:
Episode 11 - The Descent

In episode 11 you will join up with Daryl and head to the quarry (yes, that quarry) on a dangerous mission to recover supplies.

New – Replay all your favorite missions on hard difficulty.
note: Deadly difficulty was also communicated on Facebook, but this is not available in version 1.4.

For all of you who have asked to revisit and replay some of your favourite missions, you can now do so on hard mode. This means more rewards and more loot, but it also means more achievements and recognition. Note: this doesn’t apply to Episode 1

New – Guild leader boards. Be the best of the best of the best.
In version 1.4 you will be able to track and compare your Guild’s progress to other Guilds. Get the most stars, be the best Guild in the world.

New – Forest challenge location. Tough as nails, approach with caution.

Check out the newest weekly challenge location: Burning Forest. Complete with burning walkers, these are some tricky missions with new dangers. Proceed with caution! The new weekly challenge event starts this Sunday, 6th December, so get your Guild and get involved.

New – Single player challenge missions. No guild? No problem.
New – Council level +1. New upgrades unlocked for survivors & equipment & more.
New – New Guild menus. Access all social content through a new UI.

• Workshop upgrade times have been returned to normal.
• In-app purchases are now more robust, recovering if something goes wrong.
• 124 bug fixes, addressing plenty of reconnection and crash situations.

Fleeing rules have changed. Any survivors who are in a struggle with a walker while fleeing will be automatically killed - on non-deadly missions they will automatically suffer a heavy injury. When this happens, you don’t need to choose any additional survivors to leave behind. The ‘sacrifice’ step will be skipped if a survivor is already locked in a struggle.

Coming soon:
• Episode 12
• Outposts (beta)

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