New fleeing rules

"Fleeing rules have changed. Any survivors who are in a struggle with a walker while fleeing will be automatically killed - on non-deadly missions they will automatically suffer a heavy injury. When this happens, you don’t need to choose any additional survivors to leave behind. The ‘sacrifice’ step will be skipped if a survivor is already locked in a struggle." Tk-421

So if I am doing campaign and get over run since episode 11 is new and don't know where zombies randomly will spawn from or what will spawn for example opening a crate and 2 become in struggle mode and my one character can't kill the 2 zombies. I will lose all 3 characters or lose one?


  • aysatyo
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    if you are doing the deadly mission, you will lose both the struggling survivors. if its non-deadly mission, they will just suffer heavy injury. The only thing that change is you dont get to choose who will be left behind or who will suffer heavy injury.
  • WastelandDan
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    Good to know. Now if only I could remember to hit "FLEE" instead of "End Turn" when I want to bail.
  • Felecia
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    I tried to bail once before this update and lost all 3 - legendary hunter and 2 epics. I am still in mourning. God have mercy on their souls...
  • H34DSHOT69
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    Ahhhh. Thank y'all for the clarification when I was reading the post I didn't notice he talked about deadly missions then changed to non-deadly and they were 2 different topics. haha
  • SlayerSect
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    Is this really a change, as happened with Felecia I heard it happening to others before the update

    @WastelandDan LOL!

    @Felecia I feel your pain.

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