Stats when upgrading equipment

Not sure if this has been answered, but is there a way to know what the stats will be on a piece of equipment before you upgrade it? Or is it a shot in the dark?

Ex) Bruiser Class Armor
I have a 4star, level 9 armor that gives 98 in defense. I can take this all the way to level 12 (don't know what the defense will be at that level)- Max 4star, level 12
I also have a 2star, level 11 armor that gives 117 defense, but I can only take this to level 13 (again don't know what the defense will be) Max 2star, level 13

I know it's easy to know when the next level will be when the equipment has the same level of stars, but the different star levels throws in whole different scoring system.

Appreciate any help on this.


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