What does "retaliation once per turn mean?"

I have a lv12 bruiser, I unlocked this trait. I thought it meant when you get hit by a walker he would retaliate and hit him back. It says he does 75% damage when he does this. I have yet to see him do it when he gets hit. Any suggestions?


  • WastelandDan
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    Retaliation only occurs on the first time your survivor gets hit, as long as the hit doesn't land your survivor in a stun or a struggle, they will retaliate and inflict the appropriate percentage of damage according to their attributes. If, say, your survivor is hit by two different walkers during the same turn, they will retaliate only against the first.

    Retaliation is probably least apparent with the bruiser class, I'd say. Check the damage of the attacking enemy after their turn the next time it happens.
  • ray
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    Maybe it's a bug, but mine works with my bruisers
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  • jureforjustice
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    I remembered that there was a bug when I would overwatch my bruiser, and then he would not retaliate. Idk if it's still the same...
  • aysatyo
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    may it be on overwatch or not, my scout retaliates even when no AP left.
  • SlayerSect
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    Same for me as for@aysatyo.

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  • WastelandDan
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    I do not think retaliate is initiated when the survivor has already executed an overwatch attack. I could be wrong. I haven't paid a lot of attention to it in the past, but I will now.
  • Headhunter
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    Currently if a bruiser performs an overwatch attack, he will not retaliate from a subsequent attack. I really hope NG fixes this in future updates, as it currently makes the retaliate trait much less useful.
  • WastelandDan
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    The same applies to scouts, correct?
  • Headhunter
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    The same applies to scouts, correct?

    In my experience, the answer is yes.
  • zoson
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    I'll test this and make a video tonight, but I'm pretty sure that my observation has been that retaliate does not trigger for any class if the survivor has done an overwatch attack.

    I.E. two walkers approach your guy, he overwatch attacks one. The second hits him, the second one will not trigger retaliate.
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