Levels of gear and survivors.

I don't understand one thing, I've read in help that rarity and the stars of an item or survivor determines how many times i can upgrade it (it's level). But I've got a rare weapon with 3 stars which can be upgraded to lev 8 and I have a legendary weapon with 5 stars and it can be upgraded only to lev 4. (both items for a hunter). Same with survivors, I've seen on this forum legendary bruiser with max lev 16 while mine max is 12. Can someone help me understand it.


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    It's level based on your council
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    Survivors are lvl based on your council.

    Items are randomly leveled, however the higher the difficulty the mission is, the higher the level of equipment you can find.

    Also, the rarity of hunter and equipments correlates for better stats and traits. For example, a lvl 5 rare item may have 25 armor with 1 bronze 2 silver traits, but a lvl 5 legendary will have something like 32 armor with 1 silver and 2 gold traits.
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