Deleting characters to increase chance of getting one? Does it increase the odds?

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I've been stuck with a deadweight hunter now foreveeeeer. She's capped at level 5, rest of my crew is 11+ Needless to say...she's useless unless an injured squirrel happens to stroll through a map on accident. Since she's the only hunter I have, I've been hesitant to drop her. However, with every 15 radio call I make, I'm getting bruiser/scouts (which I don't need any more of). Anyone know if having zero of one class will increase the odds of drawing one in?


  • aysatyo
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    i dont think it will work that way.. its still a luck of the draw.. try getting 200+ radio then use it all at once to increase the odds.
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    I agree with @aysatyo it's luck of the draw in my opinion as well.

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  • TroubleMan
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    How is using 200 radios going to make a difference? I use 15 which is max. And using all 200 radios (which would take forever) seems like a total waste on a crapshoot. Any other ideas?
  • TroubleMan
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    I can't get past the prison mission (final) on hard at this point because my hunter can't knock down a level 8 walker. Uggh.
  • aysatyo
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    200 radio.. using 15 radio call for 13 consecutive times, i think that's enough to get a decent hunter.
  • TroubleMan
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    Ok, well I've done 5 15 radio calls and gotten 3 bruisers and 2 scouts. Even tried 3 1 radio calls, but that netted nothing. Didn't even accept those ones.
  • TexasGrimReaper
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    I wouldn't recommend single radios. I just tested using 60 single radios and only recruited common and uncommon. I recommend what @aysatyo described. Using 15 at a time has netted me 3 legendary. A hunter and shooter who max at 18. Also a scout who maxes at 16. The rest of my 16 member team is all epic. I recieve hunters and shooters pretty regularly using 60 radios at a time. 4- 15 shots. Hope this helps. Guild name: Guild of Texas
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    I understand your question and I actually think that's what I did at one point way back. I deleted all my hunters hoping to increase the chance of getting a good new one. There's no way to know of that works but now I have an lv 14 epic & leg. Hunter as part of my A team
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    I keep getting lv6/7 hunters offered on 1 radio.
    I've got a lv11 and lv12 so I've rejected shedloads.

    Just proves the process is totally random.
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    I've been stuck with the same hunters forever too, at least they are level 11 and 12. I get mostly bruisers and scouts from the calls too, just something we have to keep trying until we hit the jackpot.

  • WastelandDan
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    If I started the game over again, I would never use 15 radio calls until I nearly reached max level. 5 radio calls will get you through the storyline just fine if your level is adequate.
  • Necron99
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    I have had zero luck with Radio1 calls! Before and after the "Radio tent" upgrade!
    As far as "stockpiling" Radio15's, it can't hurt! I've gotten 3 Legs in 5 straight tries!
    But then went 0-6. Then another drought of 0-4 n 0-3 till' I got a single Legendary with a Radio15 call.
    Hope this helps?
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  • [Deleted User]
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    My 5-radio calls have netted me my best survivors also, although recently I have switched to 1-radio calls due to the fact that I'm trying to add at least one more decent grade assault or warrior survivor type to my team and always on the look out for a lengendary.
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    we talking legendary/epics @DarkFae or the 5 calls just happen to give you uncommon/rares better than what you already have? just wondering as I'm torn on what to do with my radios going forward.
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    I have had good luck getting more Rares and Epics using the 5-radio option. All I found were lower playing level with higher maxed player level potential. Which is a major drain on my experience silos but very worth it in the long run :)
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    The only thing affecting the roll is how many radios you spend at once (1/5/15). We've so far run one event with increased drop rates. Otherwise, you always get the same roll.
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