Hospital heal time

Is it working right?? The time a survivor need to heal displayed when you end a mission is already calculated with it??
i assume it's not right cause a minor injury at early stage took about 20 minute to heal and that seem to me it's the same time i have to wait now


  • Felecia
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    @ADjSTEAM it seems to be working correctly in my game.
    ADjSTEAM Member Posts: 9
    let's say that after a mission one of your survivors need a 20 minute recovery and your hospital reduces 10 minute, once you go to the hospital to check for it how much time he really need?? 20 minute or 10 minute??
  • _sheilador
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    I've never looked closely enough but I've always assumed that the time they give me at the end of the mission is the actual time required (so already subtracting your hospital's "discount")
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