Thank you to Next Games & Devs

Just want to say thank you to Next Games and the Devs. While this game is definitely a money grabber, its is also an extremely complex game which is different from most of the other guild-based games I've played. Yes we all have to grind day after day, but the grinding is very different from other games I've played. There is so much strategy as to what characters and weapons you use on which maps and at certain levels. While there is a lot of monotonous activity in this game, like most similar ones, it has enough variety to keep us coming back for more. While I was hoping for more from the last update, I'm encouraged for the future of this game and look forward to seeing how it all transpires. So thanks to all involved in unleashing a very addicting, yet fun game that is extremely entertaining!


  • Necroboogie
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    I don't know about money grabber, just depends on your playstyle. The long wait times for items with only one slot is horrible, but still manageable. Recently seen a upturn in both radios and gold from chests and walkers at the walls so that's gotten much better. I suggest that you dont pay for upgrades to items until the price and time comes down to a reasonable amount.
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    i want to thank them too but #twdsupport ...
    did you see the "connection lost" discussion under the "bugs & issues" section?

    some of us waiting to play since 30 days.

    agree with you @BigOleTDs about the strategy and complexity but you have to know that : support sukcs..

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    Wouldn't call this game a money grabber as TBH the gold isn't really used for much other than save time. If you want a money grabber check out TWD Road to Survival, the devs of that game are like Scrooge McDuck swimming around his money bin plus the game (and I use that term loosely) is shit.
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    Have seen some pretty greedy money guzzler "free to play" games out there myself and this game isn't one of them. I feel NML is reasonable by comparison and yeah the main reason to donate here is lack of patients in my opinion as well. Not going to go on and on about the pick pocket games lurking out there or mention any by name but have encountered some that make players spend gold to buy components for equipment that only last one or two times if used so yeah Next Games has put out a quality product that I don't mind spending a few dollars every once in a while on. Great job Next Games and Devs and please keep up the awesome work everyone!
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    Completely agree @BigOleTDs, it's a decent game and can't wait to see what the Dev's next move is! Every free game is a money grabber, some shamelessly worse then others. This one isn't too bad.
    @support - you guys are letting down the team.
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    Wish I could give this game two thumbs up but support is terrible. If I spend money on a game and there is an issue I expect it to be resolved in a timely manner.
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    dont disagree with you on that @Spindig . Knock on wood but I havent had an issue yet, but hopefully support gets some investment going forward
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    @BigOleTDs very well stated You summoned it up perfectly.

    As for the money grubbing, I know a good many of us have spent our hard earned cash, but I agree with @DarkFae, @Poppy and @Necroboogie.

    I have not been forced to spend any money, but choose to do so. As the others stated, if you can wait and patience, then you don't have to spend. I obviously, don't always have that.

    My friend hasn't spent any money and is advancing very nicely.

    Fantastic Mobile game, best I have played and I don't mind supporting the developers some.

    @support, I know you guys are not getting any love. Hang in there, with the number of downloads and all the issues, you guys must be swamped beyond belief.

    NGTWDNML team, I raise my glass to you!

    Play to Slay. Slay to live another day. Daily players. On and killing walkers as often as we can.

    We need you! We want you!
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    Thank you so much for your dedication. Our players truly are our inspiration.
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