Player Appreciation Thread

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After my latest foray into the constant doom and gloom and whining from the "adults" playing this game I thought I would try and do something for the random few of us that love the game and still see good in it

The purpose of this thread is to show appreciation and/or thanks to any player that you have either met from the game or here on the forum...I personally know many players that are still playing this game because of the people they've met through it

The rules are simple...and since a lot us probably have countless examples try and keep it to one per day

1. List the player (tag them preferably)
2. Why do you appreciate or want to thank serious, funny, sarcastic, etc...just PLEASE don't be toxic or whiny...there are many other threads for that junk

ADDENDUM: Well the rules have been broken in the sake of this being a good positive thing feel free to name more than one...I'm still going to do one a day personally so it makes me think about one of the greatest things I enjoy about this game every day...but to each their own :)
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  • Lydia
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    @Sparrowman because it would have been a lonely old slog without him. We are the tag team duo and i would have quit months ago without his company
    and amusing beer fuelled conversation :wink:
  • Lydia
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    Nice post btw @SlickRick x
  • Walkerballz
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    @HellsGates for being such a good guild leader, fair and reasonable
    Very happy to be part of Hells Gates! I see so many saying the leader abandoned the guild, so sad... Hells is solid and very much appreciated
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    Please join us
  • Lydia
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    Oops I didn't notice the rule :flushed:
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    As normal did not read far enough down to see there was a rule. Story of my life, someone has to not follow the rules
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    One a day? That's tough! But I shall make it work :wink:
    Sooo..... in no paticular order....

    1. (This is a double hitter)
    To @capibara & @tammy ... For always keeping me smiling & literally lol'ing quite often!! & for making my family look at me like I'm crazy sometimes lol
    :kissing_heart: xoxo
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