Are you addicted? Open a 2nd account!

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Recently I found out I'm not the only one who is addicted to this game.
There are more players who created a 2nd account just to re-play all the first missions again with the knowledge from the main account. Also to build up the camp and upgrade the survivors with the experience I've made.
Only this time I decided to not spend any real money and play patiently.
Just wonder how many of you are as addicted as I am?


  • DoTak
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    1st account (iPad) Nov 2015 - lvl 54
    2nd account (new android phone) Apr 2016 - lvl 40

    For same reasons you listed, but also using 2nd account to gather more data for NML wikia and do stupid shit unwilling to do on main game

  • Amiga
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    I don't want to know how many hrs I spent with this game.... ;)
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  • Black_Jack
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    Absolutely :)
    Main profile (iPad) lvl 43 March 2016
    2nd account (android) lvl 36 May 2016
    Occasional spending in main account but 2nd account completely F2p, girls gotta do something while waiting for gas but my main problem is my baby account is in a guild which is growing and about to start competing with my main guild (7th locally)
  • gespuer
    gespuer Member Posts: 1,404 ✭✭✭✭✭
    started Mai LVL55 maxed out (so boring)

    started approx 10.08. LVL 26 (still having soooo much fun)
    mainly playing exploration mission for supplies and XP to upgrade council, training ground, workshop, radio tent (of course storage and farms, too). outpost, tents and walker pit is the last to promote.
  • Walkerballz
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    one on iPod the other iPad
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  • gespuer
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    Think I should re-name this thread into

    W E
    N E E D
    H E L P ! ! ! ! ! !


    Am I a desperate addict?

  • tammy
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    I made my alt ages together with some other alts and soon we grew...I put my main in there and now we are in the 20s on the US leaderboard...

    The advantage with an alt is that you don't make the mistakes you made with your first ID :smile:

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  • Dale
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    I would need to get another device but it would be interesting to see how it goes, knowing what I know now.
  • Lydia
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    OMG a second account? Shit, I would need a bank loan (or a pimp) :grimace:
  • Krull
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    Can you have 2 accounts if you just have
    android? Say a Samsung tablet and a Samsung 7 Edge? Thinking I can't that the accounts would try to always load over the other one, may have to steal my daughters IPHONE 3, but don't know if I have enough hours in a day to play 2 accounts and stay married, lol
  • gespuer
    gespuer Member Posts: 1,404 ✭✭✭✭✭
    don't think the game runs proper on iPhone 3... :/
    On android you just have to create another google account (just my thought)?!
  • wrinkled_bag
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    I have enough with the mindless grinding on my only account. Holy frig twice the playing time , no way.
  • Black_Jack
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    only housework waiting for my lol I have no problem running 2 accounts however I only work 3 days a week :smiley:
  • MizTy
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    I play for the sole purpose of avoiding housework! My only motivation for doing chores is my reward of killing zombies when I'm done
  • CrazyD
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    Im addicted......with my main account.... Started that in november last year and is maxed out.

    Was also bored a while ago and started a second f2p account which is lvl32 now and i use that to make it more challenging doing missions with low lvl surv And no upgraded gear. Really quite fun. That account is sitting in an inactive guild, cause i don't play everyday with it.