Upgrade to council and survivors

tmfscorpion Member Posts: 2
My council is maxed at level 19 so level 20 is the highest that I can train my survivors. All the council says for upgrade is coming soon. I am playing a lot of levels, especially the Season 7 missions where I need level 21 or 22 survivors. I wasn't wondering when we may see an upgrade for the council so I can continue to level up my survivors. Thanks.


  • MadPuppy
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    edited January 2017
    Not for a while I think.

    As to the s7 missions: they are relative to your survivor level.

    1/5 = -2
    5/5 = +2

    Meaning on the last trial mission you'll play against walkers that are your survivors highest level +2. In your case: level 22 walkers.
    If you were to get your survivors to level 22, your walkers on trial 5/5 would just go to level 24.
    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    PLEASE NOOOOO.... we don't need another council upgrade, not for a long long time. I'm good here. :-)

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  • tmfscorpion
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    MadPuppy - I noticed that with the mission 5/5 being level 22 survivors, didn't realize it would keep going up. Makes sense. Thanks.
  • Spreckels1
    Spreckels1 Member Posts: 3
    Yes we do need a Council upgrade. I cannot upgrade any more buildings and have all these supplies that I can't use. Others are told "upgrade council/ council full, yet they cannot upgrade. I am sick of seeing "comming soon". Maybe it means it is not comming. And it is time to end this game.
  • Jazzz
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    edited January 2017
    My supplies are currently maxed out and everything's already upgraded to max level. They really need to bring back the exchange supplies for TG.
    I hope there isn't a council update anytime soon, it costs a little over 1m XP to upgrade a lvl 19 survivor to 20, god knows how much it'll cost to upgrade a survivor to level 21.