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The purpose of this thread is to get a list of all the known bugs in the game, and discuss (and get answers from NG) whether certain aspects of the game are bugs or are working as intended. Hopefully some of these can get fixed!!

I will get things started and try to update this list as often as possible, and will also note if/when NG states something is working as intended or not. Please help me add to the list, and discuss anything that we aren't sure is a bug. This list is not for philosophical differences in the game (like lack of tokens/radios/etc).

The limitations of the forum doesn't allow enough characters to paste all of the responses, so if I put "see below", check later in the thread for responses.

General Bugs
Movement - When determining where to move, the game is often inaccurate, especially with Scouts. The game will show that you should have 1 AP remaining, and when you move to that spot, you won't have an AP remaining. There are also certain movements that say you won't have an AP remaining, but you will have an AP remaining when you move there.
---Shteevie: I know we have put some time into this already. The game tries to give 'realistic' movement where survivors move around each other wherever possible, and this causes some issues where the pre-move indicator doesn't agree with the actual AP cost of moving the actual number of spaces traversed. Hopefully, this can be finalized and released in a near-future update.
***Seems to be fixed

Hunter Critical Damage from Charge Attack (and Shooters, maybe Scouts) - This is much weaker than a critical attack from a non-critical attack. I believe there was a thread that determined it was calculated from the base level damage of the rifle.
---Shteevie: We found the culprit here, and it will require an update to make a correction. I have to hand it to the players that were adamant and persistent on this issue; that focus kept us focused and now we have a clearer picture of the issue. I am specifically not making any promises, but this is obviously an important issue for us and will continue to be given a high priority.
***Seems to be fixed

Walker's Dodging Bullets - Are walkers dodging bullets? Or is this a visual bug where the shot doesn't do enough damage to kill the walker, but their health disappears (similar to when you kill a walker in overwatch) because the game knows the walker will be dying on the "Walkers Turn". Either way, something is fishy.
---Shteevie (Line of Sight): If the attacker's teammate can see the enemy, the player can see it on the screen. If the attacker cannot see that enemy, however, then the enemy won't be hit by the attack. If the survivor's angle or position changes as you move your finger across all the different targets of a single attack, it could be that one or more of them is obstructed. Make sure that the enemy you are most concerned with has the 'X' shaped icon under their feet before you finalize the attack.
---Shteevie (Animation): This is a different cause that can lead to a similar on-screen result, adding confusion to both issues. If the attack is the last of the player's turn, and the enemy would be killed by a retaliate attack, then the damages for the two attacks will be deducted from the enemy HP bar at the same time. It will look like the walker took no damage from the player's attack, and then was killed solely by the Retaliate attack.
This is an unfortunate side-effect of the way that the game processes combat animations, and would require a significant portion of the game's combat code to be rewritten. We want to do this work, but finding time for it is hard because it is such a big task [we're talking "whole team for several weeks" big]. The responsibility to find the time to fix this is on us - I'm giving that information to explain why an issue so pervasive has persisted for so long.

Videos inconsistent - Not all users get videos at the expected rate, if at all. (Side Note, if you are on Apple Devices, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising -> Reset Ad Identifier, and see if that helps...sorry, I don't play on Android so no suggestions)
---Shteevie: I'd love more detail on this - device, country, language, time of day, etc. It is the case where advertisers get to decide how many ads they show based on those conditions, but I think we should be able to show them to everyone consistently.

Fatties getting two attacks - ??
---see below

Starting Level of Challenges - NG is said they will fix this ASAP (may not be a simple hot fix), but wanted to post this here so people who read this are aware that they are aware.
---Shteevie: We identified the issue on this yesterday, and clearly this is not working as it was intended. Given the opinions about upgrading from 20 to 21 [a separate, but interrelated, issue], it may be better to leave it as is. We're going to make that call as a team, and we'll announce our decision when we have one.

Less tokens than expected upon Retiring a Pink Star Survivor with no additional Trait upgrades
***Seems to be fixed, but actually made worse in many scenarios

When moving to open a gate, the movement precursor doesn't show if your Survivor has a chance of being attacked.

Threat Reduction - Sometimes says it works, but the spawn counter doesn't go down. Also, when you overwatch kill a walker and get threat reduction, the spawn counter does not go down.
---see below

Swift Strike (Visual Bug) - This one is purely visual, but confuses people. When you attack and kill with your Scout as your last move, the visual for Swift Strike (giving an extra AP) will pop up but your turn will end. It's because your Scout gets attacked by a Walker, the Scout retaliates and kills the Walker, and you are given the Swift Strike for the retaliate, but obviously can't use it. The issue is that the Swift Strike pops up too early (immediately after you kill the walker) so people think they are losing out on an AP.
---see below

Michonne Leader Trait - Not getting Swift Strike when using Warrior Charge Ability (possibly not a bug? maybe that's been answered already by NG)
---Shteevie: Discussing this with the team, we have decided that we do want these to work together. So we'll add it as a task to complete as priorities and feature development allow.

Retaliate - doesn't work in overwatch.....intended or bug since game's inception??
---Shteevie: Same as above. It doesn't make much strategic sense that a player would choose OW or Retaliate alone over an active attack. So when we find the time, we'll change combat to allow these to work together.

Leader Traits Activating (or saying they are activating) for Defenders when Leader is even in the match - Especially Negan's Survival Instinct

Influence Points - In my influence tier, it typically says I get 10 IP for a win, yet if I lose the attack (or more likely get disconnected...another bug), then I lose 20+ IP.
---not a bug, but a new "feature" where the influence stated at beginning of match is only what you get if you win, not if you lose.

Matchmaking - seems to still be off. I will get the same opponent multiple times in a row when I back out of a match, and will often get the same opponent immediately after beating that opponent (well, taking their TGs and running).
---see below

2 Defenders in Outposts
---see below

Spotting Enemies and Shooting them Through Outpost Gates
---see below


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    Here's a couple more:

    1) Sometimes fatties get 2 attacks. Based on the damage received, this is not a visual bug.
    2) Videos rarely working. Cinema and after mission ads.
    3) Sometimes there are only 2 defenders in outposts.
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    Threat Reduce - when activated on overwatch on the last turn just before spawn, it does not register the reduction and "pre-overwatch" spawn count releases. (Reported to support Nov-2016)
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    Great idea. Moved to bugs and pinned.

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    -----Moved to the Bug Reports section as it is a more fitting spot for a list of this nature----

    I hope the list is successful and and everyone is able to come together as one to make that happen :) Good luck, y'all.
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    Spotting through outpost doors and shooting through them.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    Thanks for starting this @OneLessTitan and to @Shteevie for your detailed response so far.

    I just want to add that from some testing I did a little while ago, shooters have the same issue as hunters with their charged criticals doing less damage than non-charged critical hits.

    I'm encouraged to read that the issue has been identified, but didn't want shooters to be left out if a fix is implemented.
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    Re: shooting through Outpost gates - there is an issue on certain setups in quarry map. Please see attached screenshots.

    And different instance, same map

  • paintbeast
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    Thanks for the info @Shteevie!

    This probably isn't going to be a popular suggestion, but-

    Has any consideration been given to the possibility of having a future update that doesn't contain any new features, but instead focuses solely on bug fixes and game/code stability?
  • Shteevie
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    In the games industry, that's almost the same as saying "It's okay if the game starts to die off", and we're not ready to do that yet. Maybe ever?

    New features are how we get featuring from Apple and Google, what we base advertising campaigns on, how we convince former players to come back and try us out again. Sometimes a few new maps or characters is not enough.

    We have been putting more attention on the bug backlog, on giving developers time to devote to bug fixes and general improvements, that sort of thing. Hopefully it hows at least a little bit, and will continue to be evident in months to come. A completely clean bug list either means that everyone has stopped playing, or that we decided not to fix things - more situations that I don't want to see happen.
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    @Shteevie That's what I figured, but it never hurts to ask.
  • paintbeast
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    > @Shteevie said:
    A completely clean bug list either means that everyone has stopped playing, or that we decided not to fix things - more situations that I don't want to see happen.

    It could also mean that the team has done exemplary work and gotten rid of longstanding bugs without introducing new ones. Saying that there will always be bugs in your product is a defeatist attitude and sets you up for failure.

    Strive to be better! Strive for greatness! ;)
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    Shteevie said:

    Scout Charge Attack Damage
    There are a lot of things that could be happening here. Maybe the defender has an inappropriate amount of damage reduction? Maybe Negan's Leader trait is active when it ought not to be? Maybe it's related to the damage issue for weapons above that we are looking into?

    @Shteevie Two things:

    1. Thank you for your very long and detailed response to this thread!
    2. I'm 90% sure that this is linked to the same issue that cause charge attacks for all classes to be lower than they should be (i.e., charge attack damage is calculated based on the non-upgraded weapon damage), see my math below. Math aside, IMO, this is one of the most critical bugs that is listed in this thread. Most of the other bugs are quality-of-life issues, but this is a fundamental flaw in the game mechanics. Just to confirm, if a fix for this appears in the next update, will this fix apply to ALL classes (not JUST Hunters)?

    Less important math stuff:
    - The base damage of a level 20 rare pitchfork is probably around 800.
    - Base damage for a level 20 Glenn is probably around 900.
    - Assuming the issue is how charge attack damage is calculated (i.e., based on the level 20 damage of the pitchfork, not level 23), then 1700 x 1.5 (critical damage) ~ 2500 damage with a charge attack.
    - With 15% iron skin, this already drops to around 2100 damage, and with 30% iron skin, this can go as low as 1700.
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    Walkers ignoring raiders which are stunned?
  • Gindy
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    > @Steeboon said:
    > Walkers ignoring raiders which are stunned?

    Adding: and raiders moving through a hoard of walkers to attack one of your survivors well across the map.
  • T_12
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    Gindy said:

    > @Steeboon said:

    > Walkers ignoring raiders which are stunned?



    Adding: and raiders moving through a hoard of walkers to attack one of your survivors well across the map.

    Yes! That makes no sense at all.
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    Raiders moving through a herd of walkers without the walkers getting a free attack on them...
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    Some challenge maps don't immediately end on "kill all" or "kill specific" maps if you complete objective while survivors are on exit area.

    * Needs list of map names. I know there was one recently with the kill two fatties (the one which had the 30-star exploit at one point) and last week there was one, too (SWAT?).
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    @Shteevie - the see-through-defenders are not just bugged on Quarry. It's bugged on other maps too. For instance Lake 4/4 is also bugged with see-through. There's also another one I encountered but I right now cannot recall which map it was.

    Here's the Lake 4/4 one. Such a travesty too, since this map is usually for generous defenders offering TG's...

  • Movado
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    There's also a guild button bug (which I'm not sure if only a visual bug, as I'm terrified of ever pressing it so I never do). If an Elder clicks on another member, say another Elder, what is that green "ACCEPT" button for? What happens if it gets pressed?
    Is that how Stu disappeared?

  • Gindy
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    > @Jaden said:
    > Raiders moving through a herd of walkers without the walkers getting a free attack on them...

    @Jaden, I agree'ish, but I think this piece is more of an "enhancement". (Anybody wanna start that thread? I have a laundry list for ya ;) )

    Here's why I say that: We move (walkers haven't so they get a strike opportunity, "underwatch") then walkers move (using their two APs) then Raiders move (and Zs have used all their APs and don't have "overwatch").

    But I love that idea as added functionality for strategic opportunities: Raiders can get hit by "unwoken" Zs or adding that maybe wandering (dotted circle) Zs take one move and can OW. Awesome!
  • Jaden
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    Well, it could certainly be seen like that now that you say so (if that is walker overwatch...).

    But if overwatch has not been triggered (by us) it would also make sense to the walkers still having their attack - not all of them have used up all of their AP (I mean, sometimes the move just a tiny bit, sometimes they move a long distance).

    I guess that might be a bit complicated, though.
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    The only bug that happened to me last week and pissed me off was Ezekiel unlocked by himself. I have no intention to unlock new heroes till i get max lvl, so i hold myself to see the unlock notification everytime, but yet someday he able to jailbreak. WTF? >:) :angry: :rage:
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    Thanks for all the input everyone. I will update the OP with new reports and shteevie's responses later today when I get to a CPU. In the meantime....

    2 more bugs:
    1. Pink star survivors don't give the appropriate amount of tokens on scrapping unless you upgrade the first trait again.
    2. When you move your survivor to open a gate, the movement preselection indicator doesn't show running past walkers as being "dangerous" (the red line that shows you could get attacked).
  • Jaden
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    What amount of tokens should we get for retiring a survivor we upgraded from epic to legendary?

    I see 365 and that is half of what I have invested. If that is not correct then that is another bug.
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    Interrupted saviors and op defenders have overwatch.
  • Fragzie
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    Chances they let players Beta test any new updates?


    The players find the bugs!!

    How hard is it to get players on board for Beta testing?

    NG tried with Outpost, it turned out not very good when introduced after all the input.

    NG has players willing to test any changes (for free, not on the payroll) maybe make use of them.
  • DoTak
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    1. Pink star survivors don't give the appropriate amount of tokens on scrapping unless you upgrade the first trait again.

    Very interesting. Haven't done any further upgrades to my pinks yet. Here's what I found after looking at my survivors

    Bug: Retirement Token Value for Pink Stars

    Before I post my spreadsheet, I need to explain how I worked out the Investment % Returned. When you scrap an UN-upgraded survivor, you receive 256 tokens for a legendary, 128 for an epic, and so on. When you look at the tokens you will receive if you retire an upgraded survivor, you must subtract this base amount from the total before calculating your percentage of return.

    I'll use @Jaden s example from above. He invested 730 tokens to upgrade from epic to legendary (120 x 4 + 250=730)
    365 is the survivor's new retirement value. Subtract the base 256 for being legendary from this amount and you are left with 109. This particular survivor is worth 109 more tokens than an UN-upgraded legendary survivor. This number now represents the value of your return.
    Therefore, 109 tokens / 730 invested = 15% return

    I came up with this explanation based solely on the numbers shown in my spreadsheet. So my assumption is that Next Games' calculation for retiring survivors is intended to be 15% return on your investment.

    Now, as you can see in my table, the Pink Star Bug actually has two different levels to it.
    If a pink star survivor started originally as an epic, the return investment drops from 15% to about 4-5% *
    Pink Star survivors that were originally legendary plummet to 0.3% return of investment

    * I haven't been able to figure out the small discrepancies which occur among the survivors which started as epic, but I don't think it really matters

    Anyway, this is just the way I've interpreted the numbers, I'm not trying to say that my explanation or analysis is in fact, correct.

    For those of you that abhor staring at figures, here is a visual comparison

  • Jaden
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    I was pretty sure that we would get more than 15% (and that I have seen higher numbers on my survivor before but maybe I am hallucinating... and I don't have screenshots to check that...).

    15% already sounds very low, around 5% or even lower is awful...
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