Might be a world premier...

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  • ADPaq
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    Haha nice. Never seen that personally. I always have to open up at least six crates.
  • autumn_ash
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    I did it earlier this week, it was a pleasant surprise
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  • Jaden
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    Happened to me once or twice... I still remember the first time... tried to open more boxes because I didn't realize I had already got them all. Damn toon didn't want to open any. Took me a bit to get the reason why. :D
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  • Boilermaker
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    Love to see this happen at lv27 or lv28
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  • I_Am_Psycho
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    I didnt notice this until I went to open the next one, after killing freemen and spawns.

    Only problem was crit hit on my shooter, from freeman warrior charging up from unbelievable distance away making it a 2☆

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  • TransmuteJun
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    I had that happen once to me on a really high RSL... got to get out without even facing the freemen! It was super nice!
  • deb1hd
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    Happened to me once this week. I didn't see it at first and kept trying to open crates.