Are normal survivors better than heroes?

Basically I only have 3 normal survivors and I use all three on my outpost, but it's come to my attention that pretty much every player of this game uses 1 hero and 2 normal survivors in their missions. So say I had a legendary hero (5 stars) and a legendary normal survivor which would be better, and should I start to use normal survivors more than I use my heroes


  • carlos1981
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    If Survivor and Hero are level (Lets Say Epic and Epic). Hero will do more base Damage in most cases.

    Hero's are used for traits - Maggie = XP, Glen = Supplies = Abe boosts Ranged etc etc That's where the boosts come in and pay off. Rosita can get used a lot in outposts due to boosting single target damage.

    It's very much trial and error, It's also based on play style as well.

    I'll also add that I've done +4 RSL challenges with No Hero's as well in that past - That was based on Maps\strategy, and Pink Star teams (4/5 good traits).

    Again, It comes down to play style, Preference, trial and error

  • paintbeast
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    Heroes base stats are roughly one star level better than regular survivors. So, an epic hero is roughly equal to a legendary survivor. BUT- survivor tokens are much easier to find so you might upgrade a regular survivor to multiple pink stars while your hero is stuck on rare.

    One other thing to mention- if a hero is not in the leader position, they only get to use four traits instead of five. If you have three heroes in your team, you only get to use 13 traits instead of 15.
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    And many of the heroes have less than impressive traits.
  • vshield50
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    Agree with all the previous posts.

    Generally speaking I think "normal survivors" are better than heros in the sense that their tokens are readily available in bulk and are not so dilluted like the hero tokens. You can promote normal survivors quicker than Heros.
  • harrybond75
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    What I am starting to do now is use a hero as my main choice and then 2 normal survivors because you are right that normal survivors are so much easier to upgrade than heroes
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    If you look at it based on traits, you are doing yourself a disservice by using heroes anywhere but in the leader spot. Legendary heroes not in the leader position only have 4 traits in play. Whereas normal survivors will have their five plus the bonus from whatever hero is leading.
  • Poppy
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    Only a few heroes are actually worth using in your A team and then only one as leader Abe, Daryl, Rufus, Sasha, to name a few with Maggie, Glenn & The Governor to help farm XP, Supplies or better rewards.

    Think the 1st reply you got sums it up perfectly though if they are equal level the hero will be just that bit better. The problem arrises when you get the hero up to say legendary their advancment due to token dilution slows to a grinding halt whilst your regulars carry on levling up.

    As an example my top hero is Abe and Daryl they are legendary and 2 traits away from having the opportunity to upgrade to a pinky. On the flipside my regulars I nearly have a 4 pinky and have several 3 pinky lots of 2 pinky many many 1 pinky.

    On a final note having a hero in slot 2 or 3 of any level is a waste as their hero trait only applies if they are in the lead slot it doesnt even apply to them so effectively they are going in 1 trait light.
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    u need more radios/tokens to get more pink stars on heros, and pink star is very important when u do high level challenge maps, so usually normal survivors is more useful
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    I love using Rosita in the Leader position for Outpost raiding mainly because the two other members of the team can only attack one person at a time (Shooter and Scout). I think I use her the most of all my Heroes. Just my preference to match my play style and team.
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    If they let the hero trait be a badge and not one of their 5 traits they would actually be heroes besides their personas, MOST normal survivors are stronger than heroes imo, definitely when coming to defense and offense in most occasions. Only few heroes are actually useful for their hero trait and that's mostly only if they're upgraded
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    I like normal survivors with at least 2 pink stars on high level challenge missions. They are certainly better than epic heros who are not in leader's position.
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  • Drunken
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    With all the buffs to heros I wonder how many feel the same in todays NML
  • DLich
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    It would be nice if heroes got 5 traits plus the bonus trait. The fact that hero’s leader trait when in leader position helps the other two but still 3 heroes together still kinda pointless.

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    Hero's are better than normal survivors. Normal survivors are easier to promote to pink stars than hero's are. It takes about a 2 pink star normal to beat a legendary hero...all things being close to even...the leader trait is also huge in some cases and that's only for hero's. The trick is to promote both as best and as quick as you can...

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  • Drunken
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    I agree with that till around +4 RSL or so. Then we start to see that my 7 star shooter with 1k less damage than Carl doing more damage. For example right now I am running my pink Governor, my 7 star abe and 6 star Sasha. Once I hit level 29 or so then I got to start running different setups. 7 Star Hunter with 7 star shooter....
  • CBgaming1969
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    I agree 100% @Drunken but just didn't break it down any further. But you say it better anyway:))
  • Drunken
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    People get so uptight on base damage that they forget what is important. I can have a base of 10k but does no good if its body shot at 4k when my 7 star is doing 7k damage with a base of 7k.... This was a huge argument regarding Carol week. Her damage was massive, but at some point it became worthless.
  • CBgaming1969
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    I didn't use Carol once during Carol week...just Glenn to farm early Distance.
  • CBgaming1969
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    Also I can still only drool about pink star hero's...
  • Drunken
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    It has been said they will have Hero week#4 with double tokens. @kaz has mentioned it before, but best bet is save all radios till then. I only been playing 15 months and only been series since September, But I have 7* Abe, 6* Sasha, 6* Governor all from those weeks. Carl is legendary and Michonne I messed up on I liked Carl better, but I wish I would have spent more on her. She is nasty with her threat reduction :)
  • CBgaming1969
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    @Drunken I use to spend all my radios as soon as I got them on guarantee hero calls...I've been hoarding mostly since February for a good real hero call week...
  • CBgaming1969
    CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,352
    The last hero week never had the hero's I needed...
  • MadPuppy
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    I've been playing with only the heroes for a good long while now. Didn't record the date, but I started that in 2017, so a real long time. I love it. In my guild I'm still part of the top scorers... when I actually have the time to go for it. But, truth be told, those are scores most actual good players wouldn't be content with.

    Thing is, I realized I like this game particularly because I like TWD, so I figured, what the hell, I'm don playing with characters I have no connection with.

    Nothing beats going on a mission with Negan+Glenn+Abraham. Or Michonne+Glenn+Carol (& TR gear) on spawny maps breezing through with spawns easily at 0.
  • Drunken
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    Umm how do you not need Sasha or Abe? I agree the rest were suspect. I got tired of waiting for decent Hero so I took Gov from 4 to 6 star as I had 2k radios lol. Had I not done that I would have got Sasha to 6 star.... Oh well, but Governor comes in handy when XP raging or Council Upgrades
  • CBgaming1969
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    No.... @Drunken I need Sasha and Abe, but didn't get a true hero week calls for either of them. No Rosita or Gov calls either...the 4 I need most besides Ms.M who I haven't got enough to unlock yet!!!!
  • CBgaming1969
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    Well i got and used Gov call just didn't get any Gov tokens:(*****,
  • TJS
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    You mentioned that it's been said there will be a hero week 4 with double hero tokens.

    I don't remember reading that this will happen. I remember reading it would be considered some time ago but nothing that actually confirmed it will definitely happen.

    I'd love to see where you read this.
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  • Drunken
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    Okay so I couldn't find the direct terminology, It was said sometime around the second link. I made reference to that in my post. The first one is probably, but the fact it is a big money draw means it will likely be repeated. I know it was said somewhere more concrete but can not find it.

  • RufusRocks14
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    I have 7 gold star normal survivors. I even sacked one to boost another. I do not have any gold star heroes. 4 epics heroes, 3 epics.

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