Odds on crafting badges

From a sample of 5 tries with all blue items, I've gotten 4 green badges and 1 yellow badge. Yes, I'm aware this is a very small sample.
I hope the odds are different when using all yellow items, or else this is going to be very unappealing.
It would be interesting to have the % shown as to what the odds are of getting a certain rarity badge when crafting.


  • Mabiki
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    From my equally limited experience and strategy, it is best to save blue 4 star items to combine with yellow 5 star items, in a scenario to guarantee at least a blue/epic/4 star badge. The level of badge fragment seems to be a major determinant of the bottom level of rarity. I have personally been saving all my rare and above components and using common and uncommon fragments to craft most of my badges. You can get a chance of a rare badge from a couple commons and 3 uncommons. Getting a common badge from that mix hurts a lot less than getting a rare (green) badge from all epic pieces. I would love to see the percentage, but I think that's a piece of data the community will have to figure out on its own.
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    Just like everything else NG puts out, odds stink so they want u to spend Gold, this game already is becoming unappealing because it's not built around the players, just them...
  • Psychman
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    What Metal said......
  • Monsuta
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    @Metal @Psychman They're trying to raise the ARPDAU

    Details can be found in their pdf reports
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    Agree. It would be nice to see some percentages.
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  • mconnor
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    Is there a benefit to using all legendary items or should we just be using the minimum to get the best range?
  • Whisperer
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    Is it a good idea to mix all legendary components with legendary badge fragment or will i just waste my items?
    Is it better to put some epic components in the mix?
  • maylifebe
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    Yeah.. this is not cool at all. Not spending any gold on bundles from the store, no way.

  • ekimhclew
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    Wow. Having all legendary components and a legendary fragment should guarantee a legendary badge. That's BS