Average Guild score ?

Nick37 Member Posts: 423 ✭✭✭✭✭
When ever I look at the statistics for the previous weeks scores it always shows the average score as the same as the highest score, I would have thought average would be somewhere between the lowest and highest i.e. Add all the scores and divide by the number of scores.


  • Boilermaker
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    I think it's been like that since day one.
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  • I_Am_Psycho
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    Either, they are the function call accesses the wrong variable, or if it's accessing the correct one, they are struggling to work out the obviously very comfortable complicated algorithm for calculating the average.

    That said, people join and leave guilds, so that would mean a decision is needed for which point in time to consider the number of members of a guild.
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  • Gladi
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    @Boilermaker is right @Nick37 , it is like that since challenge 2.0 was served to us. Obviously, it doesnt matter, it is just quality of life thing and I rather put this at the bottom of "to do list" and get rid of many other problems this awesome game has.