Birthday Bash vid by Terminates has landed!


  • zerosouL
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    Just one word. Disappointment.
  • Pain Walker
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    edited October 2017
  • TheLostOnes
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    I mean no disrespect to the video creators but why don't we get a written announcement from @Teeceezy anymore for those of us who don't have sound turned on on our phones?
    I'm lost.

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  • Teeceezy
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    @TheLostOnes Aside from on the forums through CC’s, we won’t publicly be announcing what the bday events are. In this scenario, the info’s there for those who are eager to find it but at the same time isn’t in plain sight.
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  • Whoareyou
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    Why Not have the phone event on the weekend isn’t it about time they give back to the fans of the game instead of screwing them over on crap weekend event every other week we don’t even get a week day event any more and haven’t for sometime
    Give back to the fans guys
  • thisdoesfine
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    All this complaining about free stuff, and I just want to pay some money to remove ads after missions and ALWAYS open 6/9 chests.

    I'll be buying a 24hr gas on 10/12 btw... rrrrrradios! It's only the 2nd time I'll have ever spent money on the game.
  • TheSittingDuck
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    Exactly @JayZ, well said... if that's really all they prepared for the birthday that's VERY disappointing in my opinion, and what personally hurt me the most, is not that they show middle finger to all those who was waiting for discounted call (yeah, they listen!........wrestling minority), but the fact they obviously don't care anymore, just a business machine for paying bills, that's the saddest part :(
    All these events are well known, zero surprises and zero innovation. At least they could double most liked events by community (I mean, pair them)..but there are so many possibilites, if you just sit and think a while! And if you're lazy (NG) that check the Suggestion area, I've read there so many cool ideas past last year (that are possible to implement into mobile game, need to add), not only improving\adding events but also objectives for Challenge missions for instance (so tired of this immortal kill\move\open trio), maybe you will find there something you can monetize, because I'm confident now that it won't be implemented until you can get real $ from it, just like in the Distance mode and badges (exaggerated gold costs). Best example of this little theory of mine is lack of further Story Missions, even that thanks to badges and new levels introduced we could beat now new ones..
  • TheLostOnes
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    > @Teeceezy said:
    > @TheLostOnes Aside from on the forums through CC’s, we won’t publicly be announcing what the bday events are. In this scenario, the info’s there for those who are eager to find it but at the same time isn’t in plain sight.

    Maybe one of the CCs could then make it his or her speciality to have his or her vid be a 30-second still shot of a piece of paper where the weekend event is written down? I'd subscribe to that.
    I'm lost.

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  • Terminates
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    @TheLostOnes I always "text" down the event and list it if there's more than 1 on the description part of my youtube video. I see a lot of people screenshotting the description instead.

    Thank you for the advertisement @TheSittingDuck ;p

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  • TheSittingDuck
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    Ohhh, you're welcome Termi! :)
  • paintbeast
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    This would be more exciting if it were progressive:
    Weekend #1: Double supplies and supplies for gear
    Monday: DS and S4G and Double XP
    Tuesday: DS, S4G, Double XP, and 5S survivor upgrades
    Wednesday: DS, S4G, 2XP, 5sSU, and The Herd
    Thursday: DS, S4G, 2XP, 5sSU, the Herd, and Increased radio drops
    Weekend #2: DS, S4G, 2XP, 5sSU, TH, IRD, and Reduced healing
  • Boilermaker
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    Looking forward to the radio event.....a day before my PhD defense, LOL
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    Simple physic proofs that no momentum for this year's birthday bash NG !


    P= game momentum
    m= 2nd year
    v= birthday bash event
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  • Shut_Up
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    It's like a birthday party without any cakes or presents.
  • paintbeast
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    I also love how 5 second upgrades comes on the day before the challenge starts. Now I have to decide whether to ignore it and miss out or take advantage of it and make the jump to 3+ lvl 22s (screwing myself for the challenge).
  • pradi
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    @Teeceezy and all NG team. Thank you soo much for the double supplies weekend. I have collected 42M supplies within the event and finally I'm a lvl 63 player now :smiley:
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  • TransmuteJun
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    Congrats @pradi! You're an end-gamer!
  • pradi
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    Thanks @TransmuteJun :smiley:
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  • Jaden
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    For now... :p
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