Adjustment for the 15 radio calls

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To make people's lifes easier, there should be an increased chance in getting a survivor other than rare. It's sad because the Carl token drops rates are so, so low that I didn't even realize Carl was a hero after 2 months of him being released. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Boilermaker
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    I agree that Carl's tokens are rarer than others.
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    Try spending 5 bucks on epic sale :lol:
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    @pkerr116 that was awesome and unfortunately so true, except with the upcoming nerf to wrestler those mentioned characters and many more will be basically completely useless again.
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    Who is this Carl. I don't even know Michonne.

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    No matter how profitable a new hero could be, at this point, he will be WAY outdated before he becomes useable.

    But when talking regular survivors, in the 25&15 radio drop the are still WAY too many greens dropping for spending so much. I say more options are needed and existing options should be made better.
    And who uses the 1 call? What a waste of time. I never even used it when starting out.
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    My method of gaining more Hero-specific tokens is to simply save up for the Hero Day of your desired Hero. You'll have a better chance of getting their tokens and you'll get plenty of tokens for other survivors. It's helped me get Michonne and Abraham to Elite-status. Currently working on Sasha. As with all Radio calls, it probably won't go as great as you would hope but it's still a step in the right direction. Also, I unlocked Carl and yea he gets little play. Cool to have but might not be worth your Radios. I'd suggest focusing on Heroes that will be the most beneficial to your gameplay.
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    I think this strange Carl creature theme (and this michonne-something, what's that) that people keep talking about is straying this discussion from yet another point - we have green-only 15 radio calls way too often. It must be changed.

    ...also, I personally waiting for Tabitha to be released as a hero
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