How to invest phones for tokens

Hi there,
I'm rather new to this game. My survivers are L12 to L13 and just upgraded my Council to L15.

I ask for your advice on how I best spend my phones to get as much tokens as possible (is there another use for phones that I'm not aware of?).
I can buy calls for 25, 15 and 10.
With the calls for 25 I get hero-tokens but not many. I think 32 is the most I got witch is not a good quota.
The ones for 10 are supposed to have a better chance of special hero-tokens but I never got any.

Can you tell me (and maybe I can have some official numbers):
- What are my chances to get hero-tokens out of 10- and 15-phonecalls?
- How much tokens can I get from a 10- and 15-phonecalls?

Thank you very much


  • SleeperyJeem
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    The 15 phone call seems to be the best payback. How many tokens you get depends on the star count of the survivor you pick, and varies from 2 for one star to 256 for a 5 Star one. Hero options, if you pick one, is random - I’ve gotten as few as 8 and as many as 250.

    At your level, don’t upgrade survivors unless they’re 5 stars already, or 4 stars if they already have exactly the skills you want. At which point you’ll promote and get bullet dodge. You probably have a ton of phones from doing story and highlights missions (if not, do some!). Invest some radios until you get a good team of 5 star survivors, then hold onto them until you’ve leveled your radio tower a bit.
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    The15 call will give you a min. of 32 class or hero tokens. IMO the best option.
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    Hey! 15 calls r the favorite. but dont dismiss the single calls. i've started doing rounds of these and have been surprised with the results. no, u wont get a chunk, but it allows to get a variety of tokens across all classes. occasionally, i do get a pink or even epic and rares. and when i say i do a round, i do about 30 at a time. In reality, making 2 15 calls, i would expect 64 tokens with the possibilty of a pink or other color survivor. doing 30 single calls, it's almost a guarantee that u'll get more than 64 tokens. it does break up the monotany and eases the disappoint of hitting the button twice and rides over!
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    You'd have to be crazy to use your phones on the single call.
    I stress the word 'CRAZY'
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    I've made many rounds of 30 single calls and have been very satisfied. I also do the 15 calls. but with the 15 calls, 1 click of the button and you're either really happy or just disappointed. making 15 single calls, if you hit anything green or above, you're already ahead!
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    1-radio calls are not bad for tokens. Remember what The Distance taught you.
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  • Tetator
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    I do agree. It depends of what you are looking for.
    I your roaster is not complete, or if you look for a more optimized companion, 15 calls is for you as you will only want to invest in an epic or legendary character.

    However if you are happy with your current roaster and you "only need" tokens then 1 radio call is better ...
    15 radio call : if you call a rare caracter it's 32 tokens
    15 x 1 radio calls : worst scenario is 15 times 1 star character which means 30 tokens but my experience is more 2/3 1 star ; 1/3 2 stars. Which is a total of 60 tokens (10x2 + 5x8). And I did not include a potential 1 chance among the 15 to get a 3 star caractère which could lead to 90ich token.

    If I consider that on the 15 radio call I get 33% of getting a 4 stars caracter, which is optimist based on my experience I arrive with an average number of 64 tokens per call.

    So as it was pointed out by the others, math tends to confirm that token wise, the 1 star radio call is more interesting. But do nit try to improve your roaster with this method. To get good guys you should use the 15 radio calls
  • jimmorrison369
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    Nooooo, guys.
    This may feel like this.
    But long time ago this was tested.

    Last time they found:
    4.6 tokens/phones for 1 radio calls
    5.0 tokens/phones for 5 radio calls
    5.7 tokens/phones for 15 radio calls

    There is NO advantage to single calls, other then for accumulation of many survivors and spreading out the rate at wich each class grows.
  • Tetator
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    Ah ok :) good to know !

    Thank you for the info
  • Boilermaker
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    Love the 15 radio calls! Still hoping to see another reduced gold call event (aka 10 phones for gold, although this may never happen again)
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