Returning player questions

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Hey guys i might return afther 6 months of not playing, can someone answer the following questions

Are there any new recent traits? ( i left with the wraistler thing )
Whats the max level for survivors atm?
How did i end up with so many tokens? i had over 1.200 sniper tokens 1.700 shooter and 1.200 bruiser while when i left i had 600 max of sniper.


  • paintbeast
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    1) punish, revenge, retaliate.
    2) 23 after tomorrow.
    3) no idea.
  • paintbeast
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    Also, after tomorrow- 3 more armor traits.
  • Jaden
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    - Ruthless, Revenge and Punish (Bruiser only) are new. Ruthless is also a gear trait. And we will get new traits for gear tomorrow (best check out the announcements).

    - New max level will be 23 as of tomorrow (if everything works as it should).

    - No idea...
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    Welcome back @WhyDoYouDie
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    There's also an incendiary trait on sniper weapon, it have a chance to cause enemy on fire, while on fire they lose 10% of their health every turn.
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    I love the incidiary rifle FYI :smile:
  • Boilermaker
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    I would love to have those extra tokens!! LOL
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