The Distance Post 2.8

With the removal of our wrestle schenanigans, I don’t see how it’s mathematically possible to make it past 18/21 this week. The gap between spawns is substantially too low. Am I missing something here or wat? I’m all in for hard mode, but there’s a difference between hard and ridiculous. Easy was a joke, hard hits a wall. Can we get a medium mode?


  • bradnola
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    I fully don’t expect to clear the distance twice a week. I’m fine with that. I want to go down though based on skill. At the end of the Distance if it’s not complete or I’m wiped I’d like to look back and say I should have done x, or y. 19,20,21 is not skill based play. Unless I’m missing something blatently obvious.
  • bradnola
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    I stocked up, STOCKED up, on all the wrestle gear packages offered in the store. Specifically to have a better chance at completing the distance. It was clear that’s how those items were supposed to function, “As Intended”. Now it’s F me I guess?
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    Incendiary & assault stun charge seems useless in this level, even if you feed your 2 survivors to those tanks to buy your hunter more time to burn them, those normal walkers still get to you before tanks die.
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    Pre 2.8, the furthest I got was through 20. Now, my plan is to get through 12, grab the Aaron tokens and then leave it. As a mainly FTP player (except occasional booster), my gas is better used with the supplies grind I now have again.

    One thing I do notice is the high proportion of body shots I'm getting, at a fairly low rsl, compared to say the scavenge mode when even epic lvl 22 Maggie can generally plough through lvl 25 walkers.
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    It will be figured out
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    The new end of THE DISTANCE...

    I've beaten the distance every Saturday since it was released. Now I'm not even gonna try.

    Got my green crap and I'm done.

    Peace out $$$ crunchers

    **drops the mic**

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    @BiggyGuyinTWD Even this past Saturday?
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    It appears that some magic is needed in order to kill those lv40 fatties, LOL
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    Okay yeah, I'm stuck on 19 as well. This would be doable without the constant spawns each turn. Anyone beat this? Send me a PM with your strategy in case you don't want NG to plan their next nerf based on your comments.
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    If anyone figures out how to beat it, or at least comes up with advantage you'll have to mass pm most ppl keep it off the forum and from ppl that like to ruin other ppls strategies
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    > @zbot said:
    > From FB.

    Damn Russian Troll Farms! Trying to undermine the integrity of our game! Next, they’ll be posting how NG is crooked and all of them should be thrown in jail for their excessive greed. :lol:
  • AlexFiliUK
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    I think The Distance favours ranged survivors too heavily. There should be more of an incentive to use bruisers/scouts/warriors, particularly against the later waves when all of a sudden enemies start becoming really tanky.
  • crambert_nec
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    We should start a multi-player/guild chat room for Distance strategies. We could use Line. We'd just have to vet people somehow to avoid NG infiltration lol
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    Lmao Muzz, that is the funniest thing I read in a while,
  • Metal
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    Without wrestler impossible, and ridiculous
  • WeekOne
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    edited October 2017
    Muzz said:

    When all hope seems lost, pull out Eugene and stick him in the leader slot. Look on in amazement as his level 2 7% mullet time spectacularly fails and he's beaten to death by a freeman.

    Holy shit this cracked me up! Lol 😂
  • ricktada
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    @Muzz - I thank you, pure poetry. And ‘Kin hilarious too. Well played sir, or madam, well played.
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    I'm interested to know if you passed the hard mode?
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    @crambert_nec if you start a line chat please invite me jerrydixon on line :-)
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