Very confused about what happened when I swapped badges. Visual bug or something else?

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Hello all,

I am hoping someone can help me out with an explanation for this, I'm a little confused about something that happened when I was swapping badges. Although I do not have the original screenshot, Daryl's attack was at 4970 with the following badge setup:

I then swapped out the bottom right rare damage increase an epic damage reduction badge, and darlys damage dropped down into the 4400s. After having put the original badge back on that was there in the first place, his damage only returned to what it is currently, 4773.

Why didn't his damage return back to 4970? What am I missing, that replacing a badge back to the original badge didn't bring attack damage to 4970?

As I am writing this now, I now see that replacing survivors refreshes everything back to normal I guess? Can someone let me know what's going on?


Here's a video of the whole thing. Keep an eye on Daryl's damage output. He starts at 4970. What I did was en-equip and then re-equip the same exact badge. His damage output falls below the point it should be (4773). [If I had continued on with the mission, would his damage had stayed the same?] Instead I replace Anthony with Glenn, and the damage output stays the same (even though Daryl has a badge that increases his attack with a hunter teammate. It should have dropped. But since it was already down, maybe it stayed the same to adjust). When I put Anthony back in, it jumps back up to 4970. What is going on?


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    I believe these to be visual bugs, NG is aware. But put in a ticket to be safe
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    Been happening to me. Using gold to change out badges and I see the badge change too. Very upset.
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    Thanks @Pic! I figure I'll tag @Shteevie and @Teeceezy just so they're aware of it here as well.
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    @8N8 Please take a look at this wonderful forumula by @jimmorrison369


    Just by looking at the video, it's most likely due to Abe's leadership trait and layering.

    The easiest way is to add/remove badges without anyone in the lead. I'm not going to run the numbers but this is just based on what I see.

    Please note that unless the survivors are in the mission screen the stats will not update or show the correct value.

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    Yeah I had a feeling that was the case. It seems like I'll have to do that in the case that it's not just a visual bug
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    Hello all,

    I'm not able to give 100% certainty for this issue, but in the vast majority of cases where players ask about stat changes, it ends up being a combination of leader traits and in/out of team conditions that cause the visual inconsistencies. My guess that this is the case here, as well. I'm confident that if you do your badge swaps outside of team selection, or with characters that are not part of your last-used team, you will see consistency with the numbers.

    In any case, our apologies for the confusion.
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    @Shteevie per your support team there is a visual glitch occurring with the badges. I sent numerous screen shots showing the discrepancy; I did not change teams, equipment nor changed badges yet the stats varied from one map to the next. Here’s a copy of the response.

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    Thanks for the response @Shteevie! And thanks @1Ris for that screenshot.