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For about a month the videos in-game for rewards, either 3 additional mission crates or camp videos, have been severely f-ed up. It isn’t always easy to tell what video/ad messed up, but there are times you can tell.

I figure we could try and help NG identify which of their advertisers aren’t helping the situation. (Yes, I’m belly-laughing at myself for thinking they care.)

The Star-Wars ads seem to be particularly screwed. When they run, I don’t get my bonus crates, or I watch the ad from the camp and then get an error message or no acknowledgement of view.

What are your experiences?
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  • NG_Sam
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    If you're having a problem with ads then the best way to help us get your ads working again is to send a message to support immediately after you experience the problem. That way they'll be able to look into the data on the advertiser and try and see what's going wrong. We're currently looking into why some users are having this problem and the more data we have the better.

    After that I'd recommend immediately restarting the app. It seems to be that if you have one advert misbehaving then the following ones in the same session are more likely to misbehave as well.
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    A me si bloccano sempre gli annunci e non riesco mai a prendere le casse premio e nemmeno nel campo