List of Community Suggested Improvements That Were Implemented

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Hey Guys and Gals!

I have seen some people in the past posting about NG not listening to you all about suggestions you have made to improve the game and how it has become frustrating and discouraging. I can understand that sometimes it can seem like its falling on deaf ears. Others have shown a general interest in what has actually been added to the game that was suggested by the community and would like a List. Well...

I have compiled this list to show to you that your suggestions are heard and a lot are put into action. (*note* This is an outdated list I compiled when I had more free time, there has been plenty more suggested updates implemented since.)

Quite a few of these I was able to locate specific threads (which I linked) inside the suggestions section of the forums regarding specific changes. Others I know were requested by the community but as I have other things to do than wade through thousands upon thousands of posts , I was not able to take the time to track them down so I listed them below also.

2x feature revamped
Shortened Challenge cycle
Changed reward system
Made unique weekly events (which people expect now)
Human enemies
removed crit zoom with 2x
bringing back bundles
Daily quests
more achievement rewards
Changed Guild challenge from 2 a week back to 1 a week
Added Show Characters to game as playable survivors
Added more challenges

In-Game Announcements for Event’s

Stop Player swapping in guilds for Guild Leadership boards

Chat Notifications

Passing Leadership

Achievements/ quest Tab in-game

Tutorial for Survivor Special Ability use

Guild Leaderboards

Adding of the Suggestions Section of the forums

Reduced amount of gold per Gas refill

New Quest Notification

Lower gas cost for guild challenge missions

Replayable Story Missions (Hard, Nightmare Modes)

Player Moderators on forums

PvP System

Made Changes to Produce Economy

More XP From Gear Scraping

Chances To Buy Specialty Gear Without Spending Real Money

More Ways To get Radio's

More Equipment Storage Space

Show's Who Promoted/Demoted/Kicked Members From A Guild

Add Daryl Crossbow To The Game

1 Minute Gas Refill Weekend Event

Exclude Guild Category from "Recent Discussions" Filter

Timer For Daily Quests

Ability To See Guild Members Last Log In Date

There have been some great idea's that have made large and small but important changes to the game which is awesome to see!

Please remember everyone, Updates and changes take time. You may make a suggestion and months could go by before you might actually get to see it implemented in the game. The Dev's have schedules they need to follow and idea's of their own that they are already working on. Your idea's are seen, heard and considered but that doesn't mean they get pushed to the front of the line and will be in the next update. Please remember to be patient :)

I hope everyone is having a great day and continues to brainstorm and share those great idea's! The next great game changer could be yours! :)


(*note* If people would like me to keep this list updated I can do my best. If you would like to make my life easier, you can comment with the idea and a thread its mentioned in and I can add it on, if you just post the idea then I will do my best to find the idea mentioned somewhere on the forums to back it up but I make no guarantees.)