Opposing Forces Strategies

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What is everyone using at higher levels on this map? I'm presently using the following team (all 8-star survivors):

1. Bruiser: Morgan's staff (old epic one with concussion); and armor with stun resist and hazard suit (and health, but I don't have another bruiser armor with both stun resist and hazard suit)
2. Shooter: gun with lucky, interrupt, long range; and armor with ruthless, dodge, stun resist
3. Hunter: gun with incendiary, wide caliber, interrupt

I typically overwatch a lot in the beginning to stop the approaching freemen with interrupt and/or bruiser stun. Once they're dead, I use the hunter and shooter to kill most/all of the walkers behind the fence before opening it (while using the bruiser to stop the spawns on my side of the fence in the meantime.

This team is working just fine for now. However, I'm more concerned about higher levels where bodyshots start kicking in (not considering the reduced bodyshots during this particular event - for purposes of this thread, just assume normal 100% bodyshots mechanics). What do you all do?
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  • WellyLuga
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    I've been switching my team about trying different setups.

    Morgan, shooter w/flare gun, hunter with incendiary.
    Assault, shooter/hunter as above
    Scout, shooter/hunter as above

    You need at least one survivor with high damage reduction IMO and melee is handy as if you get the final hit to knock the raider into red whilst it's on fire it will die outright.
  • sbf
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    Sasha, bruiser, hunter is giving me two stars at 34. My Sasha and bruiser hit the 80% DR cap and my hunter has a gun with wide bore, piercing, interrupt.
  • HuttSlayer23
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    I’m using Sasha with incendiary, Shooter with gold interrupt and Rosita with The Dixieland BBQ. So far, using overwatch until the freemen are dead has been working great. Then deal with the walkers through the fence. The warrior has been the hardest to kill. He’s a sneaky one, lol.
  • snafu
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    Gabriel with 2 scouts, 3 rounds to the exit. Works as often as crafting legendary badges :)
  • Boukephalos
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    Morgan and two punish/retaliate bruisers, as much stun-resist armour as can be found.
    1. Draw the Freemen into a fight by the top of the two gates.
    2. Survive.
    3. Open the gates and let the walkers attack the Freemen.
    4. Sneak out whichever gate is less busy, using Smash as necessary.
    Works best when body shots are common, because stunned Freemen are likely to be ignored by the walkers.

    No, I don't have Morgan's Staff.
  • TJS
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    I've found Dwight useful in lead. Looks like everyone has different strategies. I guess it all depends on your survivors traits, badges & gear.

    (Note to my friendly raiders, as Dwight is in use my OP is totally defenceless :# )
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  • Undertaker
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    TJS said:

    I guess it all depends on your survivors traits, badges & gear.

    As always. Thats why I find it very difficult to share strategies. Every player has different armor, weapons, badges, traits and stars on their survivors.