When will the % of bodyshots rebalance?



  • deb1hd
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    I've never noticed body shots at equal level before. So that may be my problem. Thanks for the info.
  • CBgaming1969
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    @jimmorrison369 the example I used was I was doing a outpost raid with a freshly promoted 1 pink star level 24 Rosita with level 27 gear(they are screenshots in initial discussion) I very rarely if every get bodyshots on regular walkers of any level.

    But I literally got 2 bodyshots from her twice in 2 turns on level 26 walkers...that almost never happens much less twice within 1 outpost raid. Check the screenshots and let me know what you think. This was just 1 example of many this week.
  • jimmorrison369
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    @CBgaming1969 , I agree not killing them all on that level with that basedamage, is unlikely to happen twice in a row. Not impossible, but won't happen every week.
  • CBgaming1969
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    But it's been like that for me all week...bodyshots happening more often at levels they shouldn't. If it was just an isolated case I would agree it's just the normal percentages, but that's not the case.

    Thanks for looking at it @jimmorrison369
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    Mabiki said:

    Since it seems there are only a handful of people who have commented on this concern, I am inclined to believe it is merely a matter of perception and luck, rather than a general problem.

    Japes87 said:

    @Mabiki guess you weren't around for warrior nerf or 3 or 4 other occasions things weren't put back right? Glad to know you think we are idiots though lol

    I never called anyone an idiot, or anything of the sort.
    Drunken said:

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    Drunken said:

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    Maybe just bad luck but my triplepink 24lvl hunter with gold piercing rifle was bodyshotting lvl 30 walkers more often than previously. To mee it seemed like a level off or piercing not working.