New Forum Competition Game (prize for winner!)

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Hey Forum folks, Been a long-time since Forum-competition; let’s start one. I’ve done this game in my guild family before. Rules are simple:

(1) I’m unlocking all traits on this 1-star noob survivor. (See photo below)

(2) Guess each remaining 4 traits “IN EXACT ORDER” of unlock. All guesses must be publicly listed in this thread (no pm’s) so it’s all transparent. This also allows more combo of guesses too. First player to guess all correct, wins. One guess per player, no guessing on behalf of others. Easy peasy. Anyone can play

(3) PRIZE = 15 GUILD GIFTS FROM ME (We can sort out logistics later; i.e. either I can hop into your guild for a few minutes to send gifts, or, if you prefer I can temporarily create a guild for you to join for a few min. to send you gifts).

(4) To maintain integrity, no editing of your post/guesses for any reason. Editing your post is automatic disqualification.

(5). Game ends when this current Challenge week ends (tomorrow), then I’ll unlock all traits and post screenshots of each trait step along the way.

(6). If you guess or wish for bullet-dodge on my survivor, you’re an asshole. Just kidding!

Play! ...And stay safe out there, survivors!


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