New Forum Trait-Guess Competition (Winner @kamilowaty!)

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Hello survivors, I’m back. A while ago I started a forum competition, but nobody won last time. So, let’s do a new & improved Part 2. This time with @Kaz blessing!

Same rules as before (SEE RULES HERE):

But, difference this time:
(1). Making it a bit easier with two pre-set traits, so only guess remaining 3 traits, in order.

(2). @Kaz is our great People’s Champion of Forums, and advised a small gift may be given to winner (my offer/reward of 15 guild-gifts still stands too!).

(3). This competition will run until end of next week’s Challenge, so an entire week to play

Reminder, no Edits please after guessing, just to preserve integrity on this :smile:

Here is the new recruit for competition:


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