loading outpost battle takes about 3 minutes

sumsikowski Member Posts: 57
after clicking on missionbutton it takes now about 3 minutes.while this time the game always reconnects one or two times.tthis problem appears since yestderay 5pm mideuropean time.
please check this,playing outposts is almost inpossible.


  • Wattlauefer
    Wattlauefer Member Posts: 249 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Me, too. Also in other missions and loading the game I get a reconnet-message.
  • sumsikowski
    sumsikowski Member Posts: 57
    now i face problems with loading the game from the beginning on.whats wrong with the server?plz check
  • TJS
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    Try to make sure your device doesn't have other applications running in the background.

    Now & then my game gets stuck on the load screen. I close game, shut down all running apps & game will load fine.

    Hopefully this helps. (I haven't had any problems with outpost but it still might be related)
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  • sumsikowski
    sumsikowski Member Posts: 57
    i use my phone in the same way as allways.never had this problems before.some of my gildmates told my about the same problems,so its not a backgroundthing of any other apps
  • sumsikowski
    sumsikowski Member Posts: 57
    i dont know why,but it works fine again.